1312 Pounds Lighter In Just 42 Days

1312 Pounds Lighter In Just 42 Days

At my gym Heavyweights Training Center, one of our mottos that we train and live by is “Raise The Bar“.

What this essentially means is to always raise your standards, always try to do better, and always demand more of yourself and your team.

During the last round of ‘Rippedin42,’ we raised the bar even higher.

Our biggest weight loss goal with ‘Rippedin42’ was 1000 lbs lost in just 42 days.  You can read more about that amazing success HERE.

Well, our last group for ‘Rippedin42’ raised the bar even more.

Our last ‘Rippedin42’ groups finished with a combined weight loss total of 1312 POUNDS LIGHTER in JUST 42 days.

Yes you read that correctly.

1312 POUNDS LOST in JUST 42 Days.

Rippedin42 is more than a “Fat Loss Program”.

We teach goal setting, nutrition, accountability, teamwork and much more.

This program is on FIRE, and it’s changing the lives of people in Newfoundland (and all over the world).  I am amazed by the people we are impacting and the great things we are doing.

It’s not just fat loss either.  We are making people fitter, stronger, healthier and HAPPIER.

To ALL of our ‘Rippedin42’ members and every client who trains at Heavyweights Training Center, thank you for being a part of the MAGIC that is occurring at HWTC.  I am very grateful and honored to have you as a part of our HWTC family.

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2013 is almost here, time to RAISE THE BAR again.

‘Rippedin42’ is closed until the January 2013.  If you want to get more info please check out www.Rippedin42.com and bookmark us.

As well be sure to connect with us on Heavyweights Training Center on Facebook for updates.

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