5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat

5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat

I get results when it comes to fat loss.

Everyone wants to know, “what’s the diet like?” or “what training do you do?” at HWTC to get the results we do.

My programs and nutrition change when I get more information. I like to think of my programs as a “work in progress.”  That said, there are a few big factors when it comes to fat loss that have nothing to do with your nutrition, training and supplements.

In my opinion, this is where people go wrong and why so many people fail, and fail often, in losing fat and keeping it off.

There are MANY ways to get lean.  There are thousands of programs, trainers and books that can help you.  The Keto Diet, Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet, Mediterranean Diet…many diets work, and all diets can fail.

Nutrition matters, as does your training, but there are some BIG factors that I put into my programs at HWTC that have nothing to do with what goes in your mouth or how much you sweat.

These tips are the real back bone for success.  Most people miss these.  They focus on the forest ,but they can’t see the trees.

#1 Lack Of A Specific Goal

This is by far the biggest factor that I see with people and why they fail.

Let’s say it’s Monday morning,  and you’re ready to start a great week.  Your going to eat clean, get to the gym, avoid junk and stay on track.


But why?

What I HATE hearing, (and I mean I really hate it; like if you say this at my gym I will smack you…you signed the waiver remember?) is the goal, “I want to TONE.”

WTF is that?


Or maybe the also-vague “I want to get leaner.”  That one’s up there too.


Here is step 1: you need a measurable, specific, precise goal or you are wasting your time.

Replace “I want to tone” with “I want to lose 22 pounds.”

Replace “I want to lose fat” with “I want to lose 17 pounds of fat.”

Be as specific of possible.  Details matter.  Visualize exactly your goal and let it imprint on your mind.


#2. Specific Deadline

Ever wonder why so many people never get in shape all year, but as soon as they decide to go on a vacation to a beach their motivation goes through the roof compared to every other week when it doesn’t matter?

The answer is simple.  They have a specific deadline.

It’s no different than someone doing a sport with a competition.  If you need to hit a specific weight class, or if you are doing bodybuilding or figure,  you know what you need to do to be ready on X DATE!  You make every moment count.  Time becomes precious, and as the date draws closer you always get more focused and manage to “find more time” to workout.  (At least you should, or else you will be hiding in three layers on that beach vacation!)

You need a specific deadline.  This is why our 21 and 42 day programs work so well at HWTC.

So you need #1 & #2.  You need a ‘Specific Goal’ and a ‘Specific Deadline’ before you can move on to #3.


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#3. You Need a Plan

There are many plans.  There is no “best plan.”  The best plan is the one you are not doing.  So pick one, and commit!

Find a good plan and stick to it.

If you want information on my 42 day programs you can check them all out HERE.  Along with my plans, there are amazing sites like T-Nation.com, JohnBerardi.com and CharlesPoliquin.com for plans and programs.

Seriously, there are more plans and programs than you can ever do.  Simply go to www.amazon.com and you have 1 million diet programs.  Most of them will work to some degree or another.

The problem isn’t the plan, it’s the LACK OF PLAN that is the issue.

Find a good plan, stick with it, see it through, and see if it works for you.

And by that I mean ACTUALLY SEE IT THOUGH.  Don’t be one of those people who does a program for 3 days, quits it, and then blames the program and says that “It sucked.”   Man up, do a good job, give it an honest try and finish it.


#4 You Need Community

I have to tell the truth.  I thought this was total bullshit at first.  I mean, really, community?  What does that have to do with calories, insulin response to food, or HIT Cardio vs. Steady State Cardio?


Let me say that again, NOTHING.

If you want results, you need something bigger than yourself, you need people to pick you up when your down.  You need people to not let down.  You need your TEAM to make you better.

You need a community.

The HeavyWeights Nation and our Facebook Groups for all our programs make a big difference in people’s success with our transformation programs.

People need community.  We rely on each other and help each other.  We do this because we need help, and everyone else does too.

Without Community support, ALL your fat loss programs will fail.  (Harsh words, but I believe it 100%).

Now you have a specific goal + specific deadline + a plan + community.

Last up is one you never would think, but in my opinion this is what takes to get it from imagination to making it happen.


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#5.  You Have to Put Your Goal Out To The Universe

There you go.

The key is right there.

You have to tell someone.  You have to tell everyone.  The big factor is you have to take what’s bottled up inside of you and let it out.  Do not hide it deep down inside and be afraid.  You have to put it out to the universe and make it happen.

I am doing this right now with my clients.  I am telling them that I am doing a powerlifting show in June.

I don’t care if I win.  I don’t care if I lose.  All that matters is that I am afraid to compete, but that is all the more reason to do it.  I have put it out there, to get the experience, to learn, to have fun and to help others.

Don’t be afraid to put your goals out to the universe.  If you’re fearful of what someone may think or say, I have 2 words for you.

“Who Cares?”

Do it for you.  Don’t give a shit about what someone else may think or may say.  Their opinion doesn’t matter.  All the matters is you doing your best and staying true to yourself.

It’s a big reason why community is so important.  You need people to “have your back” and believe in you.

Usually the person who believes you can’t do it, more than anyone, is you.

So don’t let the thoughts of others impact you in anyway.

Let your friends know: “I am going to be 22 pounds lighter in 42 days”.

Share it on Facebook (if they complain delete them :)).

Be proud of your goals and be even more proud when you accomplish them.

You MUST write them down and put it out to the universe.  Keeping it inside will not work.
There is what I do with my clients at HWTC to make them set and reach goals.  I can’t stress enough how important these hidden factors are.  As I always say “It’s not just your program” it’s about your goals, and the exciting process of reaching them.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable, set some big goals, then GFGI – Go Fuckin’ Get It :).


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