5 Simple Things To Get You Leaner

5 Simple Things To Get You Leaner

5 Simple Things To Do To Get Leaner


I have been training really hard recently and I am stepping back on a natural bodybuilding stage in 2.5 weeks at 41 years young and I wanted to share with you some things that I have been doing for fat loss.

For me when it comes to fat loss I want things to be simple. I don’t want anything crazy or complicated. The simpler the better.

So I thought I would share with you some things that I am doing that are working for me right now.

1. I Set A Goal & Got Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Yes this is so simple but it is so effective.Rob180

For me the goal was to do a bodybuilding show on July 11th. This was about 4 weeks after PowerLifting Worlds in Finland. I figured that I needed to get lean to make weight for PowerLifting and to push for another 4 weeks to get lean as possible the timing was good.

But the main thing is I set a GOAL on paper of when to get lean as possible by. That goal, that day drives me to push harder and not miss workouts and keep pushing.

No goal or no deadline I won’t stick or push nearly as hard.


2. I Lift Weights 5-6 Days a Week

Now I know for some people this is a lot. But for me it’s not too bad.

I am sticking with the same PowerLifting type exercises but not doing them as heavy. I am also adding in a lot more accessory and pump training.

I trained hard and heavy as possible up until worlds. 5 weeks before Worlds was Nationals. So my hard and heavy training is done. I’d always recommend basics like squats, deadlifts, bench presses etc and always base your training around those basics. When doing Powerlifting my squats never went above 5 reps.

Now all my squats are 5-15 reps, sometimes more.

Find a good coach or training partner that will push you and bring out your best.  “Iron Sharpens Iron”.







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3. I do a pairing of upper and lower body when I train

For example yesterday I did
A1 High Bar Pause Squats 6 Reps
Rest 1 min
A1 Flat Dumbell Flyes 12 reps
For 5 sets.
B1. Wall Leg Press x 20 reps
Rest 1 min
B2. Arnold Press x 10 reps
I like pairing an upper and lower body together for many reasons.

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4. I Do Conditioning 5 Days A Week

My conditioning has been simple.

Sleds…. Lots of Sleds.

You can read more about the numerous benefits of Sled Training HERE.

I push it up fast as I can. I push it back as fast as I can. I repeat this for 15-20 times.

Some days are heavier, some days are lighter, some days are drop sets, but come the end of the day I push that damn sled, I sweat like crazy, my lungs burn, and I curse to myself a lot.

But I push that damn sled 5-6 days a week.

Find your conditioning and just do it.

Some of my favorites are
– Sleds
– Stairs
– Sled Sprints
– Hill Sprints
– Kettlebell Swings
– Sprints

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5. I Keep My Food Simple & My Carbs Pretty Low

I keep my carbs medium to low when my goal is fat loss.  For the 8 weeks training for Worlds my carbs were around 200-250 g a day.  I kept them high to medium on my days lifting, and lower on my days that I didn’t lift HeavyWeights.

However once I changed over to pure fat loss mode I lowered my carbs as my goal now is not PowerLifitng, it’s getting lean.

Here is a sample of a days food :

Breakfast Protein & Fats (IE Eggs, Turkey Bacon & Grapefruit)
Lunch Protein Shake with berries
Snack handful of almonds
After that a protein and greens (stir fry etc)
Pre workout apple
During workout BCAA’s
Post workout Banana, Berries & Protein Powder
Healthy Desert of Greek Yogurt, 1 choc pudding, some berries
At night if I am hungry again I may eat ground beef with sweet potato or ground beef on its own or nothing. I dont force food and only eat when hungry.

I will refeed/treat meal once a week IE Saturday night I will have a smaller healthier meal with more carbs/fat/protein. It helps me stay sane and makes me leaner the next day.

You can read more on my approach to fat loss by clicking  “Rob’s Nutrition Rules“.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing crazy nothing radical,, but I will do this day in day out.

Don’t over complicate your fat loss.

Set goals, get your workouts in, keep your food simple and do what needs to be done.

“You don’t have to to like it, but you have to do it” – Navy Seals Quote


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please comment, like & share.


Coach Rob



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