5 Things We Can Learn From WeightLifters

5 Things We Can Learn From WeightLifters

Something to think about when it comes to fat loss and building muscle.

I watched this guy (and many others) compete at the Olympics in Weight Lifting this week.  They are amazing athletes.

This guy in the video has an INSANE physique.  Jacked and lean big time.

Now I know he is genetically gifted BUT here are a few things to think about.



Here Are 5 Things About Weight Lifting

1. Weightlifters do NO cardio.  Cardio will reduce their explosiveness. I remember a olympic weight lifting coach once telling me that he wouldn’t let his weight lifters walk up more than 5 sets of stairs as he considered it cardio and it would reduce their explosive power :).  I don’t know if that is true but I do know you will never see an Olympic weight lifter on a elliptical or treadmill.

2. They do low reps.  You know the “8-12 reps to build muscle” theory.  Well most weight lifters do everything below 5 reps.  More like 3 reps, 2 and 1.  They do some high rep accessory work but their main lifts are low reps.

3. They do no body part training.  You won’t see a Weight Lifter doing bicep curls or leg extensions, yet they are JACKED with lean muscle.  Look at their legs, lats, shoulders they are jacked.

4. They train nothing slow.  Everything they do is fast and explosive.

5. Their goal is to get stronger.  Not to hit muscles, not to get a pump, the goal is to improve technical efficiency and get stronger period.

I am not saying everyone should weight lift.  It’s a VERY technical sport  and the lifts are incredible technical.  Plus you have to have a certain level of mobility and co-ordination to do these lifts.  I know personally with my lack of mobility and upper body injuries there are no way I can do Olympic Lifts.

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BUT you can do exercises that are similar with the same principles.

Here Are 5 Things We Can Learn From Weight Lifters

1. Get Faster & Stronger
2. Jump More
3. Train Your Whole Body Not Just Body Parts
4. Train To Be Explosive
5. Put Weight Over Your Head

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