7 Tips For A Bikini Body

7 Tips For A Bikini Body


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 7 Tips For A Bikini Body


I live in Newfoundland and for us “Bikini Season” is for only 3 months of the year, the rest of the time we bundle up so our bikini season is very short if at all, now if you live somewhere warm like California (I am so jealous) your bikini season is all year long.

No matter where you live if you want to look better in a bikini here are 7 Tips that will help you get a Bikini Body.


#1. Do A Mixture Of Weights & HIT CardioMarathon-Runner-vs-Sprinter

Bottom line ladies is you have to lift weights.

You are not going to turn into she-hulk by adding some weights into your program trust me.

Along with adding some muscle to your frame lifting weights will elevate your metabolism to a higher level so you burn off more caloires 24/7.  Whats better burning calories for an hour while you are on the treadmill or burning calories all day long.

When you increase muscle you burn more calories day in day out.

As well adding some muscle will enhance your curves and shape, a bit more on that one ahead so keep reading.


#2. Time Your Carbs

Carbohydrates are not all evil (except that big piece of bread you want, sorry that is evil right now so stay away).

Carbohydrates when timed properly can work in your advantage for building muscle and losing fat but it depends on a few things.

– What Kind Of Carbohydrates

– When You Eat Them

– What You Eat Them With

Here is my simple rule for Carbohydrates.

Rule  “Earn Your Carbs”.

After your weight training have your sugary carbs.

My take on fruits is an apple before you lit weights and a banana after you lift weights.

Once you get leaner you can slowly add more fruit in your diet.

But  remember you have to lift weights.

No Weights = Less Carbs

f4c243ce73c59f63d23b02a497852847Then once a week IF your nutrition and training has been 90% on and your fat loss goals are going the way they should allow yourself a moderate treat meal.

A treat meal does not mean ordering the menu on the left at dairy queen, it means a sensible tasty meal that won’t ruin your week.

The leaner you get the more good carbs are allowed in your nutrition.

I recommend getting as much carbohydrates from peppers, greens salads for starting. These are cruciferouss carbohydrates and are very good for your health and fat loss.

Carb around your weight training = good.

Sugary carbs late at night or early morning or mid afternoon = bad.


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#3. Supplements For A Bikini Body

Supplements are exactly that, they are supplements.

They are supplements on to a good training and nutrition program which has to be the base of everything for getting in shape and transforming your body.  Popping a few fat burners will not get you the body you want so don’t even think about it.  You have to workout, and let’s not forget along with looking good you will FEEL GOOD so having good food and good training is a double whammy.BikiniBody

When it comes to supplements I like to keep it basic and simple. No magic pills or potions here. These are basic supplements but they work so I highly recommend them.

– Fish Oil = This will work wonders for fat loss, improving your skin, improving your nails, improving brain health and more. It’s an essential fat so therefore it has to be good for you :). As well buy quality over cheap.  Low grade fish oils from costco and drug stores beware.  Buy quality.

– L- Carnitine = L Carnitine is an amino acid that will help with fat loss, lean muscle mass, bone density, women who breast feed, type II diabetes, immune system and brain function.  Not too bad for a something that is low cost and very tasty.  Get more info on my blog here.

–  BCAA’s – BCAA”s will help build lean muscle, reduce fat, improve your immune system, and help you recover faster for your workouts.  It’s a supplement I use during every workout and I recommend you drink it during yours.  Get more info on my blog here.

– Whey Protein – There are numerous benefits to adding a protein powder to your diet.  We all need more protein in our diets and this will also help curb your need for sweets.  Whey protein will help you build lean muscle, help you lose fat, reduce hunger and cravings and improve your immune system and more.

As you can see these supplements are very beneficial for fat loss and health.







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#4. Focus On Shoulders/Glutes/Legs

With training for a bikini body bottom line is it’s all about the booty.

You can buy boobs, but a nice but you have to work for so get at it.

You want to focus on shoulders to improve the hour glass look and hit the lower body because the best results will come from training the biggest muscles which are glutes/quads/hamstrings.

When it comes to glutes nothing beats good old sprints, squats, lunges & hip thrusters.

For the BEST Lower body workout that will get your legs & glutes results like nothing else I really recommend you check out the “StrongHER Workout” and for building a better booty check out “Strong Assets Finishers“.


HeavyWeights Bikini Competitors


5. Drink Lots Of Water

This one everyone knows, drink more water.lemonwater

Everyone knows it but do you DO IT?  Knowledge without application is useless so lets look at how much water you are really drinking in a day.

Step 1 write it down I think you will be surprised.

It’s very easy to fix the water issue.

Get a jug that is 1.5 – 2.0 liters and you must drink 2-3 of them a day EVERY DAY.

Make it a habit to do this.

Dehydration mimmicks hunger signals so a lot of the time people that are dehydrated are feeling like they are hungry but they are not, they are thirsty and dehydrated.

If you drink lots of coffee, or sodas this will add to things even more and dehydrate you worse.

As well add in a higher protein diet and the need more water is even higher.

This is solved by simply drinking 4-6 ltres of PURE WATER a day.

Add in lemon water for even better results.  To read more about the benefits of lemon water go here.


6. Do Not Cut Sodum/Salt

I see this mistake happening all the time.  Women want to lose weight and they cut their salt.  This is a BIG NO NO.salt

If you cut your sodium you will do the exact opposite of losing weight because you are messing with a hormone called Aldosterone.

Aldosterone is the principal of a group called mineralocorticoids, and it helps regulate levels of sodium and potassium in your body–i.e. it helps you retain needed salt, which in turn helps control your blood pressure, the distribution of fluids in the body, and the balance of electrolytes in your blood. It does all this by stimulating your kidneys to both take in more sodium while releasing excess potassium–a vital balance in your heath and well-being

When Aldosterone gets too low you can have issues with low blood pressure, hydration issues, always feeling thirsty and much more.  As well your body will overcompensate and hold as much water AS POSSIBLE therefore increasing your weight.  It’s simple DO NOT CUT SODIUM, if anything add more in your diet.  Read more on my blog post here.


7. Follow A Program

This is a big one, just get a program and follow it.

The best program is the one you are doing and finishing.

Don’t re-invent the wheel, get a program that works, start it and FINISH IT.

Most people fail on programs because they do not finish them.  Starting it is easy, finishing it is not.

Don’t be that person.

As well look at your program as a guide to success.  DO NOT try to write your own programs or follow what you think will work.

Find a plan, stick to the plan, finish the plan = Get Results.

If you are looking for a great program to build a Bikini Body I just released my Bikini Body In 42 Program.

This program covers everything you need to build a Bikini Body all laid out and easy to follow.  It covers training, goal setting, workouts, nutrition, supplements and more.

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