The Biggest Loser Newfoundland = The Smallest Winner

The Biggest Loser Newfoundland = The Smallest Winner

The Biggest Loser is one of the most popular TV shows and transformations shows in the world, but I have a confession to make, I have maybe seen not even one full episode ever in my life.

At HWTC we are always trying to “Raise The Bar” and with the crazy obesity epidemic in Newfoundland we wanted to try something different.

We wanted to offer a challenge, some rewards, and some competiton to see how our clients would respond.

So we launched “The Smallest Winner” program in June at HeavyWeights Training Center.

The program is based on percentage of body weight lost, not just pounds lost.

Our first group The Smallest Winner did amazing.

Not only did they get amazing transformation results, but it was the most camaraderie and team work and healthy competition in a program that I have ever seen at HWTC.

Along with becoming lighter, losing inches and getting stronger we also offered prizes for the Top 3 Results.

Winner 1 – Won $500 + a Free HWTC Program

Winner 2 – Won $250 = a Free HWTC Program

Winner 3 – Won a Free HWTC Program


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To Register for The Smallest Winner Page or go to our

Registration Page or call HWTC at 747-4700 to grab your spot now 

We start August 9th!

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