Danielle Rideout Transformation

Danielle Rideout Transformation

When I first started going out with Danielle 8 years ago she was not very strong.  Actually, she was pretty damn weak :).

I would be forced to carry most of the groceries, open the hard-to-open bottles and even mow the lawn.  Let’s be very clear here, I hate mowing the lawn.

When we met at boxing many years ago, she exercised but did not lift weights.  So I slowly worked on her, and started to get her to lift.

This was no easy task mind you.

At the time, we trained in a big box gym (thankfully those days are long gone).  We would go train at the same time.  I would lift weights, and she would retreat to the”Women’s Only” room to lift light weights and do machines.

The horror.

Fast forward to present day: Danielle is one of the strongest girls I train at HWTC.

In the last year, she has coached and helped thousands of people with her personal training and our StrongHER program.  Along with her coaching and personal training, she has had an amazing year with her own training.

Competing in the 2012 NLABBA Provincials in bikini, and just last month competing in her first powerlifting competition at the 2013 Newfoundland Powerlifting Provincials, I would say she’s doing pretty well!

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As we say here, ‘Strong Is The New Sexy’ and Danielle is proof.

I’m proud of you Danielle. Keep up the great work.  You are changing lives.

For more information on Danielle’s programs like StrongHERin42, Tight Assets & Personal Training, check us out at www.HeavyweightsTraningCenter.com and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/HWTrainingCenter

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