Kayla Dominix HeavyWeights Best Transformation

Kayla Dominix HeavyWeights Best Transformation

At 27 years old I finally feel like I’m living my life the way I should always have been; healthy and happy. You see all my life I have been over weight. Even as a child, I was bullied and held back from doing things all children should be able to do. This was a daily struggle I had to deal with for so long.

Throughout my 8 years of marriage, I gained more weight and hit my heaviest of 313lbs. Not my proudest moment. Struggling to lose the weight once again, I was presented with another struggle; infertility. So now not only was I over weight, but the reason for my husband and I not having a family was due to it also. I tried countless things and nothing ever seemed to work, causing me to give up.

Finally after seeing a new specialist in May of 2014 and recommending Heavy Weights Training Center to me, I finally gave it a try. Now, it took me 2 months to get the courage to walk through the doors, but it’s the best decision I ever made!

I have decided at this point in my life, that after all the stress with the infertility, it’s time to take some time for me, and set some more awesome goals to crush; as I’m proud to say I now have a total of 114.5lbs gone!

I completed 6 programs at Heavy Weights Training Center, where the support and motivation is amazing. The feeling of a family when you walk through the door, not wanting to miss a class because you’re going to let your new gym buddy down and the overall happiness I felt in general is amazing.

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Since crushing all of my weight loss goals, I’m taking myself out of my comfort zone and now training with my couch HeavyWeights Coach Josh Sullivan for my first Power Lifting Competition this June! Never would I have though I would be saying that last year!

And the goals don’t stop there!  This October I will be competition in a World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Show in Toronto in there new Transformation Division. If that isn’t pushing myself, then I don’t know what is!

But like I said in the beginning, I finally feel like I am living life the way I always should had. Each day I wake happy and grateful for the second chance I was given, because that’s just how I look at it. I was headed down a bad path health wise and without the support from my husband, family/friends and Heavy Weights Family I would not be where I am now!




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