Mel Kearsey HWTC Success Story

Mel Kearsey HWTC Success Story

This is a guest blog and story from one of our STRONG Nurses at HWTC Mel Kearsey.

Thank you for sharing your story Mel.


I’ve always been self conscious about my weight and my appearance. However, I’ve been active my entire life.

From dance classes to volleyball to being on the Memorial University cheerleading team as well as the provincial cheerleading team. Being active was never my issue.

My problem was my diet.

Despite being so active I was still always overweight. I used to eat poorly and would justify my bad eating habits because I was still exercising often. I eventually retired from the cheerleading world, never had a gym membership and the exercising dwindled. My bad eating habits continued however and that’s when the weight really started to pile on. Clothes weren’t fitting me, I was tired often and I was generally unhappy with how I looked and felt.

Just over a year ago, I finally looked in the mirror and said enough is enough. I stopped eating junk and started busting my ass at the gym. I made little goals for myself and kept track of my weight weekly. I knew if I saw the weight come off week by week I would be more motivated to stay on track. And that’s exactly what I did. Each week I would start seeing little changes in my appearance and the number was going down on the scale. Soon, I would have 35lbs gone. By then it was summertime and I knew that was going to be a challenge staying away from all the temptations that summer brings. That’s when I joined my first 42 day program at HWTC.

HWTC is a gym truly like no other.

The coaches are fabulous and everyone there is on the same page in regards to obtaining goals.

I lost another 15lbs with HWTC, helping me reach my 50lbs weight loss in 1 year.

I now am a much happier, healthier woman who absolutely loves to work out and eat right. The most frequent question I get asked is “What’s your secret?”. My answer is always “there’s no secret, its eating properly and exercising often”, because that’s the truth. If you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen

Here’s to a happy and sweaty 2014 xo

-Mel Kearsey




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