Post Workout Protein

Post Workout Protein

Post Workout Protein – Taken From Brad Pilon

When it comes to how much Post Workout Protein I should eat for muscle building I was wondering if you could tell me what the difference is between ‘whole body protein synthesis’ & ‘mean muscle protein synthesis’?

For instance, I am really interested in the benefits of drinking a Post Workout Protein Shake during my workouts since the guy who I buy my protein from said this would help me build muscle.

However, I’m a little worried since I just read this following quote:

“During subsequent overnight recovery, whole-body protein synthesis was 19% greater in the protein group compared to the placebo group (P < 0.05).

However, mean muscle protein synthesis rates during 9 h of overnight recovery did not differ between groups and were 0.056 ± 0.004%/h in the protein group and 0.057 ± 0.004%/h in the placebo group (P = 0.89).

We conclude that, even in a fed state, protein and carbohydrate supplementation stimulates muscle protein synthesis during exercise.
Ingestion of protein with carbohydrate during and immediately after exercise improves whole-body protein synthesis but does not further augment muscle protein synthesis rates during 9 h of subsequent overnight recovery.”

Does this mean that the extra protein DIDN’T help these people build ANY extra muscle? I’d like to know the truth about Post Workout Protein.

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What you are looking at is two different measurements of protein synthesis in the human body.

“Whole body protein synthesis” is a measurement of the protein synthesis happening in your ENTIRE body. This includes things like your liver, heart, lungs, brain GI Track and your muscles. This measurement does not tell you WHICH part of your body the protein synthesis is happening in, just that it is happening.

“Muscle protein synthesis” is specifically measuring the amount of protein synthesis that is happening IN your skeletal muscle.

So from the example you posted above, it is obvious that the post workout protein shake increased whole body protein synthesis, but did not increase skeletal muscle protein synthesis.

Most likely this means that the extra protein increased protein synthesis in your liver and gastrointestinal tract, but had no measurable effect on your muscles.

So if the point of taking protein before, during, and after your workouts is to build muscle, then the research you quotes seems to say that there would be no additional muscle building effect.

This was taken from Brad Pilon’s website.  Brad is an expert at REAL Fat loss & intermittent fasting.

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I hope this info on Post Workout Protein helped you.

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  • Mark

    Though I disagree with some of what Brad says, I have to admire Rob for being willing to post this. He’s literally encouraging people to give him less business. Much respect for paying attention to the customer and not just the bottom line, Rob.

  • Rob King

    Thanks Mark, appreciate the comment and I am in full agreement with you.