Warrior Built 2.0 6 Week Challenge Started SATURDAY!

Warrior Built 2.0 6 Week Challenge Started SATURDAY!

T.W.B 2.0

So it has started!!

The 6 week challenge for 20 people! (ME being one of them!)

Today is the first true day for The Challenge! I started eating clean today (i refuse to use the word diet as that word implies temporary change).

The first workout today at Bushido was freakin awesome!  Great Energy and we have a SOLID Group of people!  Most are friends & customers so it should make for an interesting 6 weeks!

On the flip side of the great workout, I was NOT impressed with my starting stats!
37″ Measured Waist
197 Lbs (Andy’s Scales have to be heavy lol)
and my before pic (which I will show very soon)

I will be 36 In Feb 26 and I want to be LEAN LEAN LEAN for then!  I want to be in better shape at 36 than I was at 30!

The goal is simple. 6 Weeks to bust my ass and get under 180lbs!

I haven’t been under 180 in 6 years (when i did a bodybuilding show). But I plan to give this challenge my all! I can post very little details or post a LOT depending on feedback.

For me the biggest factors are usually consistency with training, making poor food choices (I know what i “should” eat”). So for 6 weeks Im making no excuses! I am going to train as much as I can, eat clean (Not diet) and hit as many workouts as possible!

Should be good and I’m excited!  Ill post up some tips & tricks I learn from Andy along the way to help everyone out!  The more I can learn and pass on the more YOU can learn!

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  • Alex

    Good stuff Rob! Keep us updated on how things are going.
    Let us know what stack are you on for the shredding.
    I am looking for a good fat burner( and other suplements that will let me keep and build the muscle). I’m 5’9, 195 with 23% body fat, i’d love to bring it down to at least 18%.
    Good luck!

  • Good stuff Rob, I’m looking forward to following along with your progress.