6 Reasons Why Women Should Train Differently Than Men

6 Reasons Why Women Should Train Differently Than Men

Over the years I have had the pleasure of coaching about 80% females at HeavyWeights training center.

The last few years I have coached thousands of females for fat loss, strength and body transformations.

I have coached everything from mothers wanting to lose a few pounds to professional bikini models and professional volleyball players and more.

In the last year alone I have coached a Provincial Weightlifting Record Holder, A National Champion PowerLifter, A Pro Bikini Model and a Pro Fitness Model.

I have coached literally thousand of females with Rippedin42, StrongHERin42, HWTC Elite, PowerLifting Meets & WeightLifitng Meets.

Bottom line I coach a LOT of females form beginner to champions and I can tell you that there are some ways that females need to train differently than men that can make a BIG difference.  



Here Are 6 Reasons Why Women Should Train Differently Than Men


1. Women Need Slower & Gradual Warm Ups

Guys generally can ramp up fast.  We use 25 lb plates and 45 lb. plates on squats and deads no problem.  We ramp up fast. For females when warming up they tend to need a longer warm up process and can’t make the same heavy jumps the same way that men do. I have noticed with my female clients they take a longer warm up process and a lot slower and longer process to ramp up their numbers for going heavy.

Where as guys can get there in 5 sets girls can take almost double that. Slow and steady ramps ups are far more important for females.

The great thing about this is that females don’t fatige and wear out nearly as fast as men which leads into our next reason.


2. Women Recover Faster Between Sets

Women generally can handle a higher workload and volume than men. So when a male might need 5 warm up sets for optimal performance a female may require almost double that for warm up sets.

As well when it comes to recovery females recover much faster than men.

Most of my female clients look at me with a “I’m bored” look if they are waiting longer than 1-2 minutes between strength sets and 30 seconds for metabolic conditioning.

However this is a great time to work on accessories exercises like band work such as T’s, Y’s W’s and other accessory work For example in today’s Personal Coaching session with Megan in between her pressing movements I had her do band T/Y/W’s so she wouldn’t get bored and also to address other things that are important.

Men require a much higher rest time.

3. Women Need To Rely More On Technique

I prefer coaching females because they rely far more on technique than males. Females have less overall muscle mass and size therefore they have to rely on being technically proficient or they won’t make a lift. Males have the ability to “muscle” a lift, this will rarely happen with a female because they don’t have the muscle mass or sheer size as their male counterparts.

Females have to rely on being technically proficient.

Women should always try to focus on lifting HeavyWeights and building as much muscle as possible.  Be sure to check out my blog post on 5 Reasons Why Women Need To Build More Muscle.

Don’t worry, lifting HeavyWeights and trying to build muscle will not make females look like men.  A lot of the girls I coach for PowerLifting & WeightLifting also compete in Bikini of Fitness as well.

Danielle Powerlifting & Bikini Competitor


4. The Difference In Upper Body Strength

I’ve noticed that females can be very strong at leg exercises such as squat and deadlifts but overall lack strength in upper body exercises.

This is not for every female, not even close.

I have coached females that can do 30 pull ups in a minute and some that can do 1 arm pull ups with ease.

However most females lack the upper body strength of their males epically when it comes to strength exercise.  A pull up is a body weight exercise which is more about relative body strength compared to say a bench press. When it comes to upper body exercise women need longer warm ups and slower increases on their ramp ups.

Adding 5 – 10 lbs on a bench pres for a female is a lot of weight so smaller fractional increases are important.  Always remember the “Kaizen Principle“.

If your a female wanting to get stronger on pull ups check out my “Pull Ups For Women” program.


5. Females Can Handle Longer Training Sessions Better

Most males tend to be strong for about an hour to an hour and a half.  After they their strength declineds (keep in mind that the more you trian for this the better it wil get) but overall a strength session with a guy for 90 minutes a male won’t do very well, where as a femal can lift for two hours easy.

Also when it comes to metabolic work and conditioning females can handle longer workouts much better. Again this is something that can be improved and trained but overall females can handle longer training sessions and response to them better.


6. The Mental Aspect Of Coaching Females

Coaching females mentally is VERY  different than coaching males and I can honestly say that this is by far the most important of  the all.

Females tend to respond much better to mental coaching than males. A lot of the males that I coach can rely on pure testosterone and aggression, boys will be boys, but for females it’s VERY important to find the right way to coach them.

Most females respond better to praise and confidence boosting coaching more than intensity that works with males. I have found a soft voice in the ear works better for females where as for males they respond much better to a higher intensity and aggression with mental coaching.StrongHerIn42Program_ProductSet

Where as a big smack in the back and a “Make The Fuking Lift’ works great with males, when it comes to females a simple pat on the back and a “You Got This” goes a long way. It’s important to know your athlete and treat females differently than males in how you coach them psychologically.

When it comes to general lifting of weights and getting stronger males and females have a lot in common, knowing your athlete is critical as everyone has a way they liked to be coached and finding that coaching is important to brining out their best.  Along with knowing your client/athlete these  6 tips will help Raise The Bar on the level of coaching for females getting them better results in the gym, on the platform and in life.

Are you a female looking to build more muscle and strength check out my program StrongHER program at HWTC & StrongHER Online or our “Bikini Body In 42” program at HWTC.

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