HeavyWeights PowerLifting Team at 2015 Nationals

HeavyWeights PowerLifting Team at 2015 Nationals

This past week has been one of the most amazing and incredible experiences of my entire life.

I got the importunity to have a team of 20 lifters and coaches compete at the 2015 CPU PowerLifting Nationals in St. John’s.

There was so many amazing moments and so many happy faces.

I love what we do at HeavyWeights Training Center.


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Lifting Competitors were : Janet Martin​, Janessa Ward​, Ange Williams​, Megan Carroll​, Maggie Payne​, Darren AuCoin​, Kevin Farrell​, Jonathan Stanley​, Glen Chaytor​, Gayle Jesso-Johnson​, Nancy Tucker​, Mckenzie Strait​, Karen Hann​, Darren Hann​, Wayne Coffey​, Sam March​, Wanda Lewis​

Coaches Danielle Rideout, Carla Ramsey, Kevin Farrell, Jill Nash, Larry Walsh.

Accomplishments For Our Individual Lifters Were :IMG_8384

Mckenzie Strait
Weight Class: 84kg
Division: Sub-junior
Accomplishments: 1st Place, Canadian squat record (115kg), Canadian deadlift record (137.5kg), Canadian total record (292.5kg). Qualified For Worlds 2015 With Team Canada


Jon Stanley
Weight Class : 105 kg Open
4th place, 3 platform prs, total 737.5kg


Maria Aucoin
Weight Class 74 kg Sub-juniorIMG_8434
2nd place
4 platform prs


Kevin Farrell
Weight & Class  : Open 105 kg
2 platform prs


Janessa Ward
Weight & Class 84+kg Junior
2nd Place
7 Platform PR’s

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Sam March
Weight & Class 63kg Open
4th place overall
3 platform prs


Nancy Kroeker
Weight & Class 57kg Open
4 Platform PR’s


Gayle Jesso-Johnson
Weight & Class 1st Place 72 KG  M2
Canadian Deadlift RecordIMG_8393


Wanda Lewis
Weight & Class Masters 1 84 kg
8/9 lifts
3 platforms PR’s
Gained confidence and learned LOTS about competing on a National Platform
Qualified For Worlds With Team Canada

Glen Chaytor
Weight & Class 74 kg M2
2nd Place 6 Competition PR’s
Qualified For Worlds With Team Canada


Janet MartinIMG_1618
Weight & Class : M2 84kg
Broke national squat record
Broke a two year old deadlift record and then broke my record with 2 pr’s. Took the original record by 48.5lbs.
Gold & Qualified For Worlds With Team Canada


Mallory Nash
Weight & Class 72 kg, open
8/9 lifts, squat pr,
9th place


Angela Williams
Weight & Class : 57 open
6th place overall
Gained experience!IMG_8378


Wayne Coffee
Weight & Class 74 kg open
First Nationals
Gained Experience


Megan Carroll
Weight & Class 63kg Open
Placed 6th
5 Platform PR’s


Kelli Linehan
Weight & Class 72 junior
4th placeIMG_8389
2 platform PRs


Karen Hann
Weight & Class 63kg M2
3rd place


Darren Hann
Weight & Calss 93 kgs M2
3rd place
4 Competition PR’s and 2 overall PR’s  220 Squat, 117.5 kg Bench, Deadlift 200 kgIMG_8420

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Robert King
Weight & Class 83 kg M1
Placed 2nd
Broke Canadian Squat Record 211 kg
Qualified For 2015 Team Canada Worlds In Finland


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