Top 3 Female Push Up Mistakes (Video)

Top 3 Female Push Up Mistakes (Video)

Top 3 Mistakes Women Make Doing Push Ups


I coach a lot of women.  I have coached everything from women who never lifted weights all the way to Champion PowerLifters & Bikini/Fitness Pros.

I have seen common trends when coaching women.


When it comes to females doing push ups here are 3 common mistakes I see.

1. They have their hands too high. Try to have your hands under your shoulders.

2. The flare their elbows way too much. Try to keep your elbows tighter to your sides.
3. They drive head/neck forward instead of lowering the body.  Try to keep a netural neck and lower your body with control.
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Check out my video where I go over the top 3 mistakes females make doing push ups.

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