5 Reasons Why Women Need To Build Muscle

5 Reasons Why Women Need To Build Muscle

5 Reasons Why Women Need To Build Muscle


Most of the athletes I train are females.

When it comes to training female clients I have some things I focus on and they are to get strong, get fast and build muscle.

Notice I did not say lose fat.

By getting my athletes stronger, faster and building more lean muscle the process of losing fat takes care of itself.  If you train to “lose fat” your are not seeing the forest for the trees.  You need to focus on getting as strong as possible, as fast as possible and as muscular as possible.

My girlfriend Danielle Powerlifting & Bikini Competitor

My girlfriend Danielle pictured above in the last years has done both a provincial bikini show and powerlifting show.  Showing that strength and muscle do NOT equal bulky or manly.

Most of my female athletes the goal is simple.

Get them strong as possible.

Get them fast as possible.

Get them to build as much muscle as possible.

A lot of the girls I train compete in PowerLifting and Bikini or Fitness.

Bottom line you need to lift Heavy Weights.

Check out my athlete Nancy below.  She competes in PowerLifting, Fitness and Bikini.  Oh she is also a mother of two kids and works full time.





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Here are 5 Reasons Why Females Need To Build More Muscle


1. The More Lean Muscle Mass You Have The More Calories You Burn At Rest

It’s not always about the calories burned during exercise but turning your body into a calorie burning MACHINE.  This way fat loss takes care of itself.  It’s why I NEVER count calories with what my athletes eat or how much they take in.  The goal is to have their body turn into a calorie burning furnace.

The more muscle you have the more calories you burn, I have read that an extra pound of muscle burns about 50 more calories a day at rest.

Wouldn’t you rather eat all day and be lean than count calories that you eat and count calories on silly exercise machines.




2. Build More Lean Muscle

According to Tufts University, the greater your muscle mass the greater the longevity potential. It is, in fact, the number one biomarker of longevity. It is a far better predictor of longevity than total cholesterol or blood pressure.

I know most females fear they will become big and bulky but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In actually EVERY female should be focusing on building as MUCH muscle as possible.


3. The More Muscle You Have, The More Strength You Have, The Longer You Will Live

This, according to the same researchers at Tufts University, is the number two predictor of longevity. For women, strength is empowering.

I can assure you that training as many females as I do they NEVER remember their best set of battling ropes or slam balls slams, but they DO remember their best squat and deadlift.

As well when it comes to females I always focus on empowering them, once my female clients are empowered they build momentum and they start to LOVE strength training and that’s where I get my results with my female clients.  Through strength training and speed work.

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4. If You Are Fast, Strong & Lean Body Fat Doesn’t Matter As Much

It’s really simple.  If my female client can deadlift 225 pounds, do 5 pull ups, and sprint fast I don’t need to worry about her body composition.  The training takes care of itself.

All my top female athletes are strong as hell in the gym and they can eat like crazy.  I can actually get them LEANER by eating more and not less because their metabolic demands are so high.

Females need to focus on basic strength training exercises like deadlifts, squats, pull ups, sprints, sled work etc.



5. The More Muscle You Have, The More Insulin Receptor Sites You Have.

The more sensitive they will be. Increased muscle prevents diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Translation: the more muscle you have, the easier it is to have low body fat.

Along with this it also changes the hormone profile and enhances the key hormones that are important for building muscle and losing fat such as testosterone and growth hormone.

While on the topic of Testosterone as a female DO NOT WORRY, Testosterone is your friend.  Females only have 1/20th the testosterone of their male counterparts so don’t think that by getting strong you will turn into a female pro bodybuilder that looks like a man.  This will not happen.

Females need to focus more on getting stronger, faster and building more muscle.  Lower calories and cardio are not always the answer for fat loss for women.

Lifting HeavyWeights and building muscle works, so don’t be afraid to lift heavy, get strong and add some lean muscle.  It will work wonders for your body and your confidence.

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