Get Over 100 Finisher Workouts FREE

Get Over 100 Finisher Workouts FREE

Get 4 of my “finisher” workout programs, a total of more than 100 finisher workouts, for FREE.

As well, my “30 Sled Finishers” is not available for sale yet…but you can get your copy of that too!  (The only way you can get it is through this offer. 🙂 )

My friend Mike Whitfield was the first guy I know to coin the term “finisher” as a workout.  He should know!  Mike has lost over 100 lbs and changed his life completely.

Me & Mike Whitfield

Me & Mike Whitfield

Since then, Mike has become the leader in the finisher workouts.

He has just released his “Workout Finishers 2.0” and it’s on sale until Thursday at midnight.

Here is how you can get 4 of my finishers FREE,

plus get Mike’s amazing “Workout Finishers 2.0” program:

Step 1 = Click HERE to go to Mike’s “Workout Finishers 2.0” Page

Step 2 = Invest in a copy

Step 3 = Email me at with your clickbank ID

Step 4 = I will personally e-mail you the 4 finishers below for FREE.

Go do it now and you will have enough finisher workouts to kick your butt for a LONG TIME!



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