Changing The Game & 40th Bday Weekend

Changing The Game & 40th Bday Weekend

What an amazing weekend it has been.

We arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday after 16 long hours of travel from Newfoundland to Nevada.

Bad weather, delay’s, and the usual fun that happens when traveling from St. John’s, but all in all we landed around 7pm on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday I got to celebrate my 4oth birthday in style and celebrated it in Las Vegas. My day started out with an amazing breakfast and monstrous drink at The Sugar Factory on the strip.


After an amazing breakfast next up was my birthday gift from Danielle which involved getting picked up in a military hummer and heading to BattleField Las Vegas to shoot some big fukin guns :).

I am a huge war history buff so getting to see some tanks, APC’s, Helicopters and shooting some amazing guns like


After getting picked up in a humvee it was off to BattleField Las Vegas we went to have some fun.






BattleField Las Vegas was an amazing time I had a blast and I’d highly recommend the experience. After that I had an amazing dinner with some friends at Gordon Ramsey’s Burger.  It was a great night and getting to hang out with my beautiful girlfriend, Nick Tumenello, Tom Robertson, John Annilo & Eric Daye, the food and company was fantastic.  It made for a great eventing of food, drinks and conversation.

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The next day started three days of 9am – 7pm seminars at the Mandalay Bay for “Changing The Game”.

This event has literally changed the game and “Raised The Bar” on Fitness Business seminars. Luka, Steve & TJ did an AMAZING job and had the biggest line up of fitness professionals EVER at one event.

Three days of amazing content with some of the best minds in the fitness industry. On Friday night I got to live one of my goals and dreams and present on stage at “Changing The Game”.

My presentation was to help other fitness pros on how to use Body Transformations to grow their fitness business. I set it as a goal this year to step up, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” and push to get on stage and present. I am very happy with the feedback and I know that every single person that attended came away with good info on how to help their clients get better results and how to grow their fitness business with transformations. Before I got on stage I took a shot of me smiling with the audience in the background.

This was a huge deal for me and I was very grateful to have the opportunity to reach a goal and share my vision and passion with others.

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Even cooler was at the end of this event I asked everyone to give me a “Gun Shot” double bicep pose like we do at HWTC. 

This made my amazing experience that much better!


It was a big goal of mine this year to present on stage and share what I can to help other trainers and fitness professionals grow their fitness business.  My presentation was well received and it made me so happy to present on the stage with some people that have helped me and my fitness career.  A HUGE thank you to Roman, Nick Ttumminello, Dan John, Martin Rooney for all your help.  I am truly grateful.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 1.58.29 PM

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Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.09.25 AM

After an amazing three days of seminars Danielle and I decided to do something different and booked a Helicopter tour of The Grand Canyon and The Las Vegas Strip.

This was unreal!  If you are in Las Vegas I highly recommend you do this it’s an amazing experience.




We finished off an amazing weekend with dinner at “Prime” overlooking the fountains at The Bellagio.

What an incredible weekend, I  couldn’t ask for more.


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