The Death Of The Gym

The Death Of The Gym

Everything in life always comes full circle.

What’s new and cool usually has already been done before, and I see the same thing happening in the fitness industry (this makes me happy).

Let me explain more.

Years ago when I first set foot in a “gym,” it was a very intimidating kind of place.  No joke.  I was a 15-year-old kid doing martial arts (Karate) at the local YMCA across the street from my house.

I loved martial arts, but I was TINY.  (Like, very tiny.  I hated it.)  I wanted to lift weights so badly, but I had no clue what to do, and I was scared sh*tless to walk into the YMCA “Weight Room.”

Going in there was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  As soon as I walked in I saw a guy who looked like Newfoundland’s version of the ultimate warrior repping out with 2 45 plates per side on bench press (225 lb).  To me that might as well have been a million pounds.  But I did go in, I started to lift, and soon enough I was embraced by the crowd there.  I became part of the group that trained there every day at 6pm.

Back then a GYM was a GYM.  Even the YMCA had no machines except cable machines.  Everything was bars, dumbbells, and pull-ups.  Half the stuff looked homemade, and more than likely, it was.

NO JOKE: I remember when they started getting treadmills.  Back then it was a HUGE big deal (damn it, I am old).

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My point is, a gym had a very hardcore kinda vibe.  It WORKED.  It was cool.  Now, most gyms are not gyms, they are “fitness centers” with your comfort in mind.  It’s not about results or making your hands hurt.  It’s not about making you sweat much, making you make noises, letting you drop weights, or using chalk.

Gyms are DEAD.

We are surrounded by “Fitness Centers.”

However, this will change.

What’s even cooler is that the change has already started to take place.  It started with Gym Jones, then it lead into Crossfit, and soon it will lead into other amazing concepts and training and getting back to the BASICS that work.

If you didn’t know, Gym Jones got very popular for training the cast for 300. (Totally badass and it changed the way I look at training.  Thank you Gym Jones!)

If you look back at this old picture, this was the way a “gym” used to look.  Now gyms are replaced by countless machines and treadmills.

But things are changing, and one of these changes is something called the “warehouse gym.”

They were VERY popular years ago BEFORE there were numerous fitness centers on the scene.  Didn’t like your gym?   You could train in your garage.  You could even invite your buddies over, and then have even more fun.

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The cool thing now is that this is catching on again, and Warehouse gyms ARE making a comeback.  This is important for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that it’s GOOD for training and it’s fun.  The more people in the world who push sleds, use barbells, ropes, and chains the BETTER.  The fewer people being hamsters on a treadmill the better.

The second reason is that for YOU or anyone to compete with a big box gym, you’re dead.  I mean, how can you expect to open up a 20,000 square foot “Fitness Center” and charge $50 a month?  You would be broke and out of business in 1 month.

The key is to do something DIFFERENT and something that WORKS.  You have to find the right people; people who LOVE to train differently, train hard and have FUN.

My gym, Heavyweights Training Center, started off as a 1300 square foot room rented from a local gym.  I had 3 TRX’s, 1 squat with pull up attachment, a tire, some skipping ropes, and some other small equipment.  Nothing huge.

Really, I didn’t have much at all.

What I DID have was the ability to create fun, challenging, NOT BORING workouts that got results.

Today I run the top results-based facility in Newfoundland, if not Canada.  Our results are simply AMAZING and I don’t have ONE piece of cardio equipment.  (If you are reading this more than likely you like that type of training. :D)

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If it was ever your dream to open a gym or to own a personal training studio, here is how you can do it for low cost, get amazing results, and train damn hardcore while you are at it!

For more info check out Warehouse Gyms

Everything starts with one step forward.  If your dream is fitness and maybe one day opening your own gym you need to check this out.

You don’t need 100 treadmills to start YOUR gym.

You don’t need someone’s approval.

You don’t need a formal education.

You don’t need to be a Crossfit gym.

You don’t need to be a big box gym.

You don’t NEED anything above,  but you do need…

The desire to help others.

An open mind.

A constant hunger for improvement.

And the desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

All big things started out as small things.

Start now.


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