How YOU Can Become A Fitness Professional!

How YOU Can Become A Fitness Professional!

First off let me start by saying I am not gloating, but I have the BEST JOB ever!

(Yes that’s a younger Rob King meeting “Ahnold”

Not often do I wake up and not want to work, to me work isn’t a 4 letter word, I LOVE work.  I know I am very lucky to be able to say that, but it hasn’t been an easy road to get to where I am I can tell you that.

Just this weekend I was eating fresh fruit post workout and I had a moment, I was very grateful for something as simple as being able to eat fresh fruit!

You see many years ago when I started my Fitness Business I was beyond broke, I couldn’t afford fresh fruit.  I pretty much lived off tuna and protein powder because I was so broke (I kid you not).  However I NEVER gave up, and today I love my job and I love the people I meet in my job.

I love dealing with people like us.  I mean sh*t how bad can it be talking about working out, supplements, and getting in shape all day?  It ain’t bad at all!

I get asked so many questions every week it’s crazy and I ALWAYS do my best to answer every one of them.  However one of the biggest questions I get ask is

“How Did I Start My Business”


“How Can I Start A Fitness Business”.

Let me say right off the get go that starting your own business is THE MOST REWARDING THING YOU CAN DO.


It is amazing!  However, don’t think it’s easy.  You have to work twice as hard, you have to problem solve, you have to work (and by work I don’t mean punch hours or a clock I mean WORK).

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I am pretty much working from the time I get up, until the time I go to bed, no joke, it’s the truth, however when you LOVE your work it’s a great thing.  I LOVE helping people, coaching people, training people, learning about anything related to Fitness & Business.  Yes I have a great job!  I am very grateful for that.

Every day I get asked on Facebook or E-mail how someone can start trying to turn their passion into a business or a side business.

Maybe you have a 9-5 job and you would LOVE to train someone on the side or don’t know where to start.

Maybe you have an amazing idea for a fitness book that you want to write but don’t know where to begin.

Maybe you LOVE teaching classes and would love to do this and making money would be a huge bonus.

Maybe you love ALL of the above or something different.  It doesn’t matter.

What matters is the fact that doing something YOU LOVE and getting PAID (well) for it is the best feeling in the world!!

But 99% of people don’t do it.

Want to know why?


You fear what you don’t know.  You fear that maybe you don’t know a thing about business, or about creating an ebook, or teaching a bootcamp.

Maybe you fear FAILURE?  Maybe you fear losing MONEY?  Maybe you fear CHANGE?

Fear is a KILLER.  It stops you dead in your tracks.

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Well FU*K FEAR!!!

There, I said it.

Once you get over the fact that you are afraid and that the only thing causing you to NOT make that step is FEAR, it isn’t as big deal.

I started my Supplement Business “Heavyweights Sports Supplements” out of my parents house in my bedroom when I was in university.  Want to know how much I knew about Business when I started?Me with Jay Cutler


Was it a right decision?  Maybe not, would I change that decision?  Not a FU*CKING CHANCE :).

So what if you want to start your own fitness business?  Where do you start?  What do you do?  It’s damn confusing and it isn’t easy!  However I have something that will help you take that step BIG TIME!

One of my business coaches (yes I am a successful business owner and I have a coach, actually I have many coaches), Craig Ballyntyne has put together something that you can take that first step in creating your own Fitness Business.   I met Craig about 1.5 years ago, since then my business has TRIPLED.

Let me repeat that, my business has grown %300!!

So essentially for price of a pair of new workout sneakers Craig at my request has created a “Fitness Business Starter Package” that will help you get started and TAKE THE STEP to having the best job ever!

It’s only available at this price for 5 days or until the copies sell out so I suggest you check it out by clicking here

Fitness Business Starter Pack <———— Click Here

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Seriously YOU CAN DO THIS!  I failed out of university twice, I barely made it through high school, and yet I managed to grow a business out of my parents house into a full time career in the fitness field!

This is DONE FOR YOU information.  I  WISH I had this years ago.  It would saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in MISTAKES!

Simple if you want do anything in the fitness field this can help you!

My Coach & Friend Craig Ballantyne

* Run a Successful Boot Camp
* Become a Personal Trainer
* Get More Personal Training Clients
* Start a profitable Blog

* Sell Fitness Books of Fitness Ebooks

* Create a Second Paycheck From The Internet
* All this and MORE!

Take a look at the list above.  I personally have every one of these going.  Why?  Because of Craig and his information!

Now I want to share it with you because being your own boss and being in the Fitness Business is the best job EVER!

Fitness Business Starter Pack <———— Grab This Now! Less than a pair of sneakers!

You will thank me when you do! If you don’t, well don’t complain in 20 years when you WISH you took the first step!

Got a question regarding my business or how you can get started?  Post it up I will do my best to help you!

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  • TC

    Hey Rob
    Great blog post on your career. Nice you overcame all difficulties before and have become successful today.

  • robert

    your story is similiar to mine so needless to say it really hit home. i have been a personal trainer for 2 years. i want to expand but just dont know how to. im like you love anwsering as many questions as i can to all my clients. but lately i have hit my own personal road block. i want to expand and dont really know how. so if you have any comments or ways to help that would be sincerely apprieate.

  • Rob King

    Hey Rob,

    Nice hearing from you.

    I know its really hard to take that “step” and do something different. How do you mean expand? As in get more clients or other income streams?