The 2 Commandments Of Fitness

The 2 Commandments Of Fitness

I am here in Orange County California now just finishing up 3 days of mentally demanding but totally awesome seminars at Fitness Business Summit 2011.

Being around smart and motivated people really can light a fire under your ass to get your business and life moving forward FAST.

One of our speakers at the seminar was a guy by the name of Frank Kern.

(Pic on the left is me meeting Frank Kern VIP Party)

Long story short Frank Kern is a reefer smoking, laid back surfer dude who makes multi millions online.  He is beyond successful and he is one of the guys that I look up to for being cool, having an amazing life and creating a awesome business that helps millions of people.

Out of an hour presenting where he gave away so much incredible information there was something he said that really stuck with me.

It was Frank Kern’s 2 Commandments Of Success.

So I am going to tweak his version and apply it to fitness for you.

This will be very different so get ready.

Kern Commandment # 1 – Though Shalt Not Fuk Around

Now in business terms this means basically “Do Work” and stop messing around pretending to do work.  When your self employed you don’t get paid by the hour, you get paid to get work done.  But it’s easy to waste time, check facebook, text, goof off etc.

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Well I want to take “Though Shalt Not Fuk Around” and apply it to FITNESS & your gains.

“Though Shalt Not Fuk Around” can simple mean, stop wasting time and FOCUS IN on your GOAL(S)!

When was the last time you really focused in and gave your training and fitness goals 100%?  Seriously?

How about even 80%.

Were you suppose to do legs yesterday and skipped them?

How about AM Cardio?

Did you sleep in?

Did you eat a bag of chips last night when you were suppose to be dieting?

“Though Shalt Not Fuk Around” Can simply mean STEP UP, GET SERIOUS and FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS!

Excuses are like assholes…everyone’s got one :).

Want to see what TRUE focus can accomplish in just 42 days?

Check out our before and afters for Rippedin42, where 40 people lost OVER 400lbs in just 42 freakin days!

So for Commandment #1 “Though Shalt Not Fuk Around” how about YOU start getting focused on our goals RIGHT NOW and not fuk around anymore!

Kern Commandment #2 – Don’t Be A Pussy

For Business (and life), Kern means for this to not be afraid.  To get out of your comfort zone, put pressure on yourself, and to take steps that make you uncomfortable.

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(Picture on the right is my coach & friend Bedros Keulian)

We can easily switch this to Fitness.

When was the last time you did a DIFFERENT PROGRAM?

When was the last time you did Legs on a Monday instead of Bench Press.

When was the last time you make a COMMITMENT to a Goal with laser like focus?

When was the last time YOU got out of your COMFORT ZONE?

Commandment # 2 – Don’t Be A Pussy means simply to CHALLENGE YOURSELF.

Put more plates on the bar on Squat day

Add in an extra 30 minutes cardio

Throw out the junk food in your cupboards


(Pictured Above Fitness Authors Craig Ballantyne, Alwyn Cosgrove & Elliot Hulse)

We all have these little voices in our head (well I have many but we aren’t going there right now), these little voices are designed to keep you safe, to stop you from FAILING. Nobody wants to fail, so they never take that STEP and do something different.

Well the most rewarding thing YOU can do is to take that step, not be a pussy, and challenge yourself to do something YOU DON’T THINK YOU CAN DO!


It will be the best feeling ever.  I know I have failed many, many times both in business, fitness, and life.

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But ya know what, you get back up, and move forward.

Never be afraid of failing. It’s when you stop trying that you fail.

So there you have Frank Kern’s 2 Commandments twisted to Fitness.

I hope this helps you and I would love some feedback from you! Hope to hear from you, leave a comment below!

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