My Letter To Santa…

My Letter To Santa…

Dear Santa,

First off i hope you are doing well.  I know that trying to please everyone once a year is a very difficult job.  Being self employed I know how hard being your own boss is, so I won’t take much of your time.

I have been a very good boy this year.  I have helped lots of people get bigger, stronger, faster and healthier.  I have done my best to really help them every way I could.  I am lucky that I have such a great job that allows me to really be passionate about my customers.  I am very grateful for that.

Seeing as how last year you brought me coal (yes I know i was a naughty boy), I wanted to make sure this year I was a good boy, so Santa, please be nice this year and bring me my list…..pretty please…

I promise to leave you Milk (low fat of course) & Cookies (made with protein powder….yummy).

This year for Christmas I would like only 5 things Santa…..Just 5 things….

1. A pair of Cartman Boxer shorts (sweet) Danielle said I would look sexy in these…

2. A  Kong for my German Shepherd Rommel

3. A trap bar for my gym to torture my clients even more (see I am concerned about helping people)

4. 2010 Jeep Wrangler “Call Of Duty Edition”

And Santa…because I have worked really hard all year and been a REALLY REALLY GOOD BOY I want…

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5. Kim Kardashian

(Santa I was gonna ask for world peace, but come on.. it’s Kim Kardashian!  You can’t blame me can you?)

So Santa please be nice to me at Christmas this year and I expect to see Kim Kardashian wrapped in only a bow under my tree for Christmas!!

Thank you Santa!  Your the best!


So tell me everyone…what are YOU asking Santa this year for Christmas :).

Post up your list!! I want to hear from you!

If I get 25 replies Ill give away a random copy of my “Build A Bigger Bench Press” Book!  So start replying!

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  • James

    hey santa,

    all I want for Xmas is to get ripped, and to build my business back up. but most of all to look great this summer at the beach.

  • Terence Green

    Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is a set of fat gripz. 2 my own gym so I can help others get in shape and the best part I could train for free. 3 a liftime supply of all the best supplements. 4 a 2010 pearl white Nissan Maxima with 22′ inch wheels. 5 copies of all the best training routines that’ll have me big and ripped year around. 6 a beautiful woman who doesn’t mind going to the gym, training and eating right and understand this is a way of life for me.

  • Rob King

    Awesome! Anyone else…Post em up people!

  • adam

    Id like my 1970 plymouth roadrunner that iv been asking for a while…santa must be dropping it off at the wrong house every year. Most importantly to stay blessed and thankfull for everything I have in life..that’s all I want for xmas 🙂

  • Rob King

    Awesome Adam,

    Thanks for posting man!

    Actually this year I really asked for nothing for Christmas. The only gift I am giving as well is a big donation to help out a kitten on that needs her eye fixed…

    I am grateful for everything I have, thanks for making that point bro!

  • Matt Morgenstern

    Dear Santa, as you know I am a financial advisor. I would like 100 new clients to help this year. This way not only are they helped, but I will also then have a good year and be able to provide for my family. That and I would like my arms to grow 2 inches and my body fat to stay at 8% or lower no matter what I eat……but if you can just to the first one, thats cool!

  • Rob King

    Great reply Matt 🙂

  • Shawn

    Dear Santa,
    As you probably well know it has been a rough few years I realize this may be allot to ask for but all I really want this year for Christmas is the strength and courage to make it through another new year to come other than that I’m still breathing I got my health I got my family what more could I ask for.

  • Rob King

    Hey Shawn, nice hearing from ya and thanks for posting!