Rob King In A Kilt (funny story)

Rob King In A Kilt (funny story)

I just got back from Halifax where my girlfriend Danielle and I were at my friends wedding. What an amazing time we had!  I am not much of a wedding guy, I am more like Vince Vaughn’s character in Old School when it comes to weddings.

It was an amazing time and as far as weddings go I have to say I had an amazing time!

Anyways to cut to the chase, at one point the groom’s father storms over to me and says “Come With Me”.  So I am rather concerned.  He pulls me asided and says “What size pants do you wear?”.  So at this point I am even more concerned (and scared lol).  I say 33″ he says “Perfect Come With Me!’.

He then proceeds to take me into this small storage room where I meet the grooms fathers brother.  At which point he asks me to take down my pants and do something.  So at this point I’m a little freaked out, and trust me I don’t freak out at much.

He then goes outside, hands me a kilt and says “You need to do me a favor”.  Of course me being game for pretty much anything that generates a laugh so I agree.

He informs me that the grooms mother states that she is having such a great time at the wedding and that nothing would make her day like seeing a man in a kilt!  So out of everyone there I am the lucky guy who gets to wear the kilt.  I am ok with this, so far so good!  But then I am informed to “Do a little dance” and have fun with her.  Considering I never was a male dancer in my past (well at least I am not going to admit that in writing lol).

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In my drunken Vodka state I think I said something along the lines of “I will make all your dreams come true”.  Which I can’t beleive I said no matter how drunk I was, on top of that someone has it on VIDEO LOL.

So this wedding was another first for me, well two actually!

1. I wore a kitl
2. I gave an elderly lady a sexy dance

It made for a very entertaining couple of minutes ahaha!

Anyways, just thought I would share that with you and I hope you got a chuckle out of it!

For more wedding pics be sure to check them out on facebook >> WEDDING PICTURES

Hope you had a great weekend!  Feel free to post any funny stories you care to share below.

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  • Wince

    Rob I have to say you carry it off well ….. I say why not hop on over to Scotland and give the Highland Games a shot ….. thanks for sharing ..

  • TC

    Hey Rob
    Very sexy skirt you got that…lol!

  • Rob King

    ahah Thanks TC, i am starting a trend lol

  • Rob King

    AHAH Wince soon you will see many a big lad in the gym sporting Kilt’s

  • It kind of suits you… I think you maybe starting a trend LOL