Miley Cyrus Build A Better Booty Workout

Miley Cyrus Build A Better Booty Workout

So the other night relaxing and doing some work and out of nowhere Danielle asks me “What did Miley Cyris do on TV?”

I don’t watch TV but I definitely spend too much time on Facebook.

I noticed my news feed being filled by images of something, but I just couldn’t figure it out.

Then it hit me.

It was Miley Cryus’s bum.

Let’s be truthful..

It was the “lack” of Miley Cyrus’s bum.

The Horror…..The Horror…

This is NOT a rant on Miley Cyrus or how she acted.  I don’t care what she does and it’s her life so I don’t judge.


I do care about Miley’s GLUTES and the impact they have had on the world.

So I reached out to Facebook and 500 “Likes” told me that Miley needed help with her booty.

So I am making this blog post to educate women about building a better booty to avoid another “glute” issue in the future.

I mean think about it, if I trained Miley Cyrus she would come on stage with an ass like this


Instead of


If you want a better booty you gotta get under the bar and lift some HeavyWeights.


So here are five glute exercises that I use with my female clients to build a better booty.

If these videos don’t work come “like” my facebook page and it should fix it.

The order got messed up and I couldn’t figure it out 🙂

Enjoy the videos and please like and share!

Girls always remember lifting HeavyWeights will NOT make you “big” or “bulky”

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