The Power Of 42 Days

The Power Of 42 Days

We do everything at Heavyweights Training Center with a 42-day focus.

You can do a lot in 6 weeks when you are focused, determined, motivated and have a goal.

Most people ignore just how important TIME is (it’s the most important thing in the world…it’s the only thing you can’t get back). So when we set 42-day goals we go at them with 100% intensity and focus.

How much can you do in just 42 days?

Well let me look at my life for the last 42 days…

42 days ago we were just moving from our old location to our new location.  (HWTC is at 94 Clyde ave.)  We ran into a LOT of bumps along the way, so many stresses and ups and downs.  But ya know what?  That’s life.  Every time hardship hits me, I always think of Rocky “Just Keep Moving Forward” and as well, props to my coach Craig Ballantyne who always says “It will all be over soon.”

Our move never worked out as smoothly as planned, but the thing with a plan is, it’s not the plan that matters, it’s adapting.

After a lot of struggle, stress, sacrifice and getting shit done, we did it.  With the amazing help of my girlfriend Danielle, my Heavyweights Team, and some amazing HWTC clients that shared their time and energy to help us get open.


Finally, on December 24th we got the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for.  A permit to open our business in our new and improved HWTC Facility!


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In 42 days we completely moved our gym, set it up, got all the permits, got the paper work, did all the legal stuff, got the contractors, got EVERYTHING DONE to open in 42 days.

Sweet.  Along with getting our permit and getting open yesterday made me realize just how much all the stress and hardship and sacrifice was worth it.

Yesterday my Heavyweights Team and I had our biggest HWTC Orientation ever.  At HWTC Orientation, we invite all our clients in for pics, measurements, a chat, some goal setting and a get to know our team session.

This was by far the biggest turn out ever.  We went from having it at HWTC, to having to move it to a school gym, to them having to do two orientation times because we have so many clients starting their goals and transformations.


The biggest thing about this for me along with having almost 350 clients starting their programs is that I am (or should I say was), scared shitless of public speaking.

I hate it.

Hate it with a passion.

But it was something I always wanted to do, and not only do, but be amazing at.  If I am going to do anything I need to be great at it.

So yesterday I stepped up in front of over 350 people and spoke to them about my life, my background, my story and my passion for what I do.

I actually LOVED being on stage and  I can’t wait to do it again (another goal off the list).

Later today I will go get a coffee, do some reading, reflect on my past goals of 2012 and start writing new ones for 2013.  I will set goals for the next 42 days, along with bigger goals that I want to accomplish by the end of 2013.

I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment below and share your 42 day goals with me.

Step 1 in goal-setting is thinking of them.

Step 2 in setting your goals is writing them down. 🙂

Write them down, I want to hear from you.

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