Announcing Heavyweights Fitness – 860 Topsail Rd

Announcing Heavyweights Fitness – 860 Topsail Rd

I first started my business back in 1997.  Back then I lived with my parents in their basement on New Cove Road, right across the street from what used to be the YMCA.

At the time, I was a personal trainer & volunteer at the YMCA, and here was very little knowledge or good information on training and supplements available.  I used to buy every single magazine or book related to fitness, strength training and nutrition that I could get my hands on.  I read everything available to me that I possibly could.

After a few months, the regulars started asking me what supplements I was taking and using.  Pretty soon at the YMCA I was kinda known as the “go to” guy for information on training and supplements.

I used to order in my supplements through mail order because there were no places locally where I could buy them. (Well, none locally that I could trust!  Trust is a big issue to me when it comes to supplements.)

Soon after, I began my venture into creating a fitness business, almost by mistake.  I had my bedroom of my parents’ house, and I had 2 shelves full of supplements.


After a few months, a couple of my  brothers moved out (I have 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters), I had managed to grow my business, and I was given a spare room.  Keep in mind that we lived in half a house in the downstairs basement apartment, so getting this much space was a BIG step for me.

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I was doing this for a few months, going to school, working in bars as a bouncer on the weekends, working part-time as a trainer and selling supplements to a few regulars at the YMCA.

My business started to grow, and soon I had people from other gyms coming to me looking for supplement advice.  I was outgrowing my parents’ spare room!

I had no clue about business, but my girlfriend at the time said that I should open a business selling supplements.

After some crazy, life-changing events, like failing out of school, me moving away, and my life just generally falling apart in many ways, I had a “fu*k it” moment, and decided that I really loved supplements, fitness, strength training and helping people.

One of my brother’s friend’s at the time owned a computer store on Topsail Road, and said he would sub-lease me some space.  I was SCARED TO DEATH, but I ignored the little voice of warning in my head, and decided to do it anyway.

In 1998, I began my first store:  250 square feet at 860 Topsail Road.

It was so small.  Even worse, I  didn’t have a bathroom.  I had to put a “Back In 5” sign on the door and go to the computer store.

I was “Living The Dream.”  A 250 square ft. store, no bathroom, no idea about business… but I had found what I LOVED.

That was in 1998.

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Fast forward to today, February 11, 2014.  I am VERY proud to announce the opening of “Heavyweights Fitness – Sports Supplements, Workout Clothing & Training Equipment.” It is the EXACT same location that started my business, in the EXACT SAME UNIT that is 860 Topsail Rd.


I’m going from my first store of 250 square feet to my current space which will be 2500 square feet!

Dream Bigger.

With Heavyweights Fitness, I plan to offer the BEST in Supplements & Supplement Education but to also add a variety of workout and athletic clothing.  As well, I plan to bring in workout accessories like TRX, Kettlebells, Bars, Bands, Plates, Medicine Ball, Home Workout Equipment and more.

My goal is to offer the BEST in knowledge, education, service and to “Raise The Bar” on fitness in St. John’s & Mount Pearl.

I started Heavyweights in 1997, and I am proud of how much Heavyweights has grown.  I am also proud of the number of people we have helped with education, transformations, and supplements.  I love knowing that we are impacting the lives of our clients.

Thanks to all my staff, my clients, my customers and everyone for all your support.  I look forward to making Heavyweights Fitness THE “Go To” place for Sports Supplements, Workout Clothing & Fitness Accessories in Newfoundland.

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