Team HeavyWeights at 2014 PowerLifting Nationals

Team HeavyWeights at 2014 PowerLifting Nationals

3 Lifts

9 Attempts

0 Excuses

A banner on the wall of the PowerLifting Nationals in St. Catherine’s summed it all up in those six words.

On Monday it was the start of our lifters from Team HeavyWeights competing in our first ever Power Lifting Nationals.

We had five lifters competing for Team HeavyWeights, they were Samm Taylor, Janessa Ward, Sam Pretty, Kristen Elliot and yours truly. Along with our competitors we had our HWTC coaches who bring out our best Kevin Farrell, Danielle Rideout and John Smart.

This was our FIRST ever PowerLifting Nationals and we were beyond excited to represent Team HeavyWeights & Team Newfoundland.

Our Team did AMAZING.

After three intense days of lifting and coaching the results were in.

– Rob King 1st Place National Champion Master 1 83 Kg

– Janessa Ward Sub Junior 84 + kg 2nd Place

– Samm Taylor 84 kg 1st Place Junior National Champion

– Sam Pretty 84 kg + Junior 1st place National Champion

– Kristen 2nd Place 72 Kg. Junior


A great job coaching to Kevin Farrell, Danielle Rideout & John Smart.

Everyone from Team HeavyWeights medaled!!!

Overall the whole week was an amazing learning experience.

Check out some of the pictures from the PowerLifting Nationals on my Rob King Coaching Facebook Page.


Here are some videos from the meet.

Rob King 1st Attempt Squat

Rob King 3rd Attempt Bench Press

Rob King 3rd Attempt 485 lb Deadlift

Here are some of the lifts of our Team HeavyWeights Competitors.

Samm Taylor 320 Deadlift

Janessa Ward Getting A Canadian Deadlift Record In Sub Junior


It was an amazing week of competing and meeting people from all over Canada.

I couldn’t be happier with our first HeavyWeights Team at Nationals and I look forward to what’s ahead for PowerLifting and Team HeavyWeights next year.


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