Team Heavyweights at Nov 30/2013 PowerLifting Meet

Team Heavyweights at Nov 30/2013 PowerLifting Meet

One of the motto’s we live by at Heavyweights Training Center is to “Raise The Bar”.

After this weekends local powerlifting event the bar has been raised in many ways.

This past weekend Team Heavyweights had 17 competitors in the second powerlifitng event in Newfoundland for 2013.

Just six months ago at the 2013 Newfoundland Provincial Powerlifting  event Team Heavyweights had 7 competitors, At this meet we had 17 competitors.  This made me incredibly happy.

I love to see the sport of PowerLifting grow, but I also love to see new competitors from Team Heavyweights “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” and do something outside of their comfort zone.  I can tell you from personal experience that standing on the lifting platform wearing a singlet (or as well call it a “onsie”), facing a crowd, and lifting HeavyWeghts is a very uncomfortable experience.  Yet every single person who competed from our team loved every second of it.

Often I push my students to do things they don’t think they can do, but I know they can do it.

It made me very happy to have so many new competitors get on the platform, as well it made me very proud for our team to do so amazing in their lifts and in their awards.

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Team Heavyweights walked away with some amazing lifts,  a lot of medals and even more important a lot of smiles and personal victories.

Adding on to the amazing lifts and results was the fact that our support and cheering section was about 2/3 of the attendance which made me VERY happy.  We are known for the support and the family we have at HWTC.

You can check all of our lifts, pics and videos on our HWTC Facebook Page.

For my own training I was very pleased with my results overall.

I went 8/9 in my combined lifts and I hit 2/3 of my personal goals that I had going into the meet.

My goals going in were

400 lb. Squat

300 lb. Bench

500 lb. Deadlift

After the meet I was very happy to get 2/3 of of my goals.

I missed my 300 lb bench but it’s the lift I had worked on the least in my training leading up to this meet.

The big goal that I wanted was a 500 lb. deadlift and I was BEYOND happy to get it.


C30 Crop

I don’t do a “happy dance” often but check out my version of a happy dance in this video below.

My other lift that I was happy with was my squat of 403.

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Last meet that I competed at I missed this lift because of a foot fault.  I wasn’t going to have this happen again this time around.





Overall the NLPA Open was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it all again.

For more pics and videos from the NLPA Open check out my HWTC Facebook Page.








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If you would like to get more info on powerlifting or compete in a Powerlifting show be sure to connect with me on Facebook and as well go here to get more info on competing in PowerLifting with Team Heavyweights.

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Even if you don’t live by our gym become a part of Heavyweights online with our Heavyweights Inner Circle.


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