HWTC Orientation Weekend

HWTC Orientation Weekend

What a crazy 48 hours it has been.

Friday night we were at HWTC getting things ready for orientation to our 42-day programs.  ALL our 42-day programs started Saturday.  With almost 400 people registered for a variety of 42-day programs, it is no small task to get the gym ready, organized and set up for our big day.

Then Friday night I hit a SICK heavy training session with Josh Sullivan.  It’s a workout from T-Nation.com by Christian Thibidea on improving your deadlift.  Friday night’s workout consisted of a crazy complex:

A1) Heavy Partial Dead 5 Reps. (I worked up to 505 lbs)


A2) Front Squat 5 Reps (I used 275 lbs)


A3) Power Cleans 5 Reps (I used 135 lbs)


A4)  Dumbell Jump Squats x 10 (I used 30 lb db’s)


A5) Body Weight Jumps Max Height x 10


A6) Backwards Sled Drag (we used 3 plates on the sled)

We did this 3 times.

It was awesome.

You can check some pictures & videos on my Facebook page.

Friday late night consisted of me foam rolling, stretching, listening to  music and getting ready for Saturday’s orientation day.

I woke up ready to go, focused, and determined to bring my best.  Off to HWTC I went.

One really amazing thing was seeing some of my coaches and team-mates telling their stories of how they joined HWTC and how they changed their lives so much in just one year.  Samm Taylor, Sheena Vickers, Alli Martin, and Synika Gee all just joined HWTC one year ago and are now HWTC coaches; helping others spread the mission of what we do at HWTC.  Here are two of these energetic ladies:

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Next up was the coaches’ meeting.  It was very simple and to the point. I wanted to remind them that at some point they were in the chairs too.  At some point they were the people coming through the doors in need of help.  I told them about my experience with Martin Rooney in Seattle and the impact it made on my life and HWTC.  It’s all about the difference between ordinary and extraordinary and always giving that little bit “extra”.

I wrote a blog post about this a few years ago, it was one of my best.

The Difference Between Ordinary & ExtraOrdinary is that “Little Extra”.

Then it began.

HWTC orientation for 350 people.

My job is simple.

Speak.  Motivate.  Educate.  Coach.

So I “Raised The Bar” and brought my best.



(For all the pics and videos check out my Facebook Page and our HWTC Facebook Page)

I had 3 different classes for orientation.

Class 1 was Rippedined42 and Transformin42.  With these groups, the main focus is fat loss.

Transformation starts more in the head than anywhere else, so I use orientation day to really get them off on the right foot and get them focused and motivated toward their goals.

Next up was a full class of women and I couldn’t be happier.  Seeing so many women lifting weights, getting stronger, and following what we do at  HWTC is amazing.  I believe that women need to lift weights for both physical and mental reasons.

There is nothing more empowering to women than having them get stronger, build muscle and feel amazing.

Last but not least was our Builtin42, HWTC Elite & our new Hockey program.

This was the biggest class lot of them all and I was PUMPED.

I gave them a quick talk about raising the bar, getting stronger, bringing out the best in their training partners, setting big goals and to GFGI (Go FU*KIN GET IT).


That class finished at 545 and at 6pm I had another group of girls to coach.

These are the girls from HWTC who are doing the NLABBA show in November and are either doing Bikini or Figure.

I gave them 3 strength rounds (sleds, kettlebells and squats) and then we finished up with 2 intense rounds of metabolic work.

It was a sweaty good time.

The last 48 hours of my life have been crazy and intense, but I couldn’t be any happier.

Tonight I coach my CST Elite girls then the HWTC elite crew.

I see some big lifts in their future tonight.

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