How To Bench Press

How To Bench Press

Bench Press

Lie on the bench with eyes roughly under the bar, and feel flat on the ground. Both the arch in the back, as well as the width of the hands will vary from person to person. Some people like to bench with a large arch, and some with a flatter back, but in order to protect the shoulders, at least a small arch is recommended. Grab the bar with a comfortable width and, making sure your feet are flat on the ground, your shoulder blades are at least slightly tucked, and your back is tight, unrack the BB and lower it down to your chest. It is recommended that you tuck your elbows in slightly, which would bring the bar lower than nipple height. Allowing your elbows to flare out too much leaves your shoulders more susceptible to injury. Bring the BB all the way down to chest before pushing it up nice and strong, exhaling as you do. Make sure you do not lose the tightness in your upper back in the top position. Some people take advantage of ‘leg drive’ more than others, and actually push through the heels as they push the weight up which helps to transfer force from the bottom down. In order to take advantage of this force, an arch must be used, and the hamstrings, glutes, and lats must stay exceptionally tight.

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