How To Deadlift

How To Deadlift

How to Deadlift

-Beginning with a shoulder width stance, stand with shins touching the bar in front of you. Bend down and grab bar with both hands (preferably with an overhand grip, or, with a mixed grip only if necessary). Make sure when you bend down, that you are hinging at the hips and pushing them back as much as possible. Do not allow the back to round, but instead make sure to keep it in ‘neutral’ position, only allowing the hips and knees to bend. In the start position your hips should be pushed back, your spine should be in neutral position, your shoulders should be roughly over the bar, and your weight should be mostly in your heels. This is the position where your initiate the lift.

-Deadlift looking straight ahead, drive your heels into the ground and straighten both your knees and your hips to lift the weight. Make sure not to straighten your hips before straightening your knees, or vice versa. Both the hips and the knees should be extending together making the lift one fluid motion. Make sure the bar does not drift in front of you, but instead stays close to your body the entire way up. You should not feel as though you are lifting the weight with your arms.

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-In the top position of the deadlift, you should make sure that your hips are locked out, but that you are not hyper-extending your back more than necessary. This is a common mistake. You should be standing straight, with your shoulders back and down, and your glutes engaged, but it is not necessary to lean back excessively.

– To lower the weight, make sure you do not just relax and drop it down. Keeping shoulders back, and the bar close to your body, hinge at the hips and lower the weight. Bend knees as the barbell passes them, and while keeping everything tight, set the weight down.

-It is often necessary to reset your hips before initiating another deadlift, but try not to reset your grip. You should always be pulling with an unrounded back, so it is imperative to always make sure your hips are pushing back before lifting barbell.

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises.  Be sure to always keep perfect form while doing a deadlift.

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