Bicep Tear Recovery Tips

Bicep Tear Recovery Tips

Bicep Tear Recovery Tips :

It went something like this.

BJJ instructor “Was that your shorts that just ripped?”

Me “No man that was my bicep, but I think I am OK to keep rolling.”

Shock can do amazing things to control pain and I was in total denial, I knew my bicep was torn but I didn’t want to face it, maybe it was only a partial tear?

I had hoped for the best until I looked at my torn bicep and saw that it had rolled nicely up my left arm.  I had movement but my arm felt like play dough. Then the numbness and tingling started to kick in.

I was partially in denial because my brother had a torn bicep as well, left arm as well, genetics be damned, I had myself a torn bicep, off to emergency I went.

Ironically enough the emergency doctor had gone through the same bicep tear, only his happened doing a preacher curl. I was still a bit in denial but not long after he assured my worst possibility, complete bicep tear, that rip sound was my bicep tendon ripping off my ulna.

I had surgery two days later.

However I wasn’t going to let this slow me down, I was on a mission to recover FAST, and recover fast I did.

Here are some tips for bicep tear recovery that will help you.

– Train the other side of your body.
Yes you may be in a cast but you can still press, curl, pull with one arm. I was doing over 20 1 arm push ups in 3 weeks!

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– Train your legs (often) and do cardio. The only drawback is your cast + sweat will make you itch like crazy, worth it all the same.

– Think Positive! That chatter in your brain, don’t say things lie “I will never recover or be as strong again”, with “I will recover from this bicep tear and be stronger than ever”. Mindset works.

-Load up on quality joint supplements.

I took Primaforce Elastamine & Cissus, took double tbe dose, I know for a fact this helped. Also be sure to get lots of Fish Oils & Berries.

I am glad to say after3 years my bicep tear has never been a problem, I am actually stronger than ever.

Check this video of me post bicep tear doing Towel Chin Ups & Rope Climb from a dead sit.

Thank you Dr. Stone for the amazing surgery.

I hope these tips and information help you if you have a torn bicep and need to recover.

Leave me a comment or bicep tear or injury story below.

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  • Ben Spurlock

    I suffered a partial distal bicep tear on 7/6. I’ve had recommendations of both surgery and non. There is no signs of injury other than some soreness at the elbow. I’ve been working around it for the last 2 weeks. A person that I trust suggested letting it heal over the next 4-5 weeks and then having a ART session to break up the scar tissue. Any help would be greatly appreciated