Breaking The Canadian Squat Record

Breaking The Canadian Squat Record

One of my proudest accomplishments in training ever.  Breaking the Canadian M1 83 KG Squat Record at the 2015 PowerLifting Nationals here in St. John’s NL.

If you told me this 5 years ago I would have told you .were crazy

I love PowerLifting and I love lifting HeavyWeights and many years ago that was taken away from me. In training I hurt my back very badly.  I thought my heavy training was done and that I would never lift heavy again.

For about 10 years I couldn’t squat or deadlift and I was always in pain.

A few years ago I started seeking out help from some of the top people in the world and I decided that I was going to get this fixed.

A few people I sought out were Dean Somerset​, Stuart McGill​, Bret Contreras​ and most of this information came through Testosterone Nation​ website.

After learning how to improve my movement, improve my strength in my core and glutes and many other things slowly my back started to improve and I could lift again.

In 2013 I stepped back on the PowerLifting platform which was in itself a dream come true.  I never thought I would compete again.

Once I started competing again I got the itch to lift HeavyWeights again and thankfully I am able to lift Heavy with no pain in my back anymore.

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Since 2013 our first HeavyWeights team was 5 competitors.  fast forward now and we had over 100 compete in 2015, 20 compete from HeavyWeights at the Nationals and now we have 6 competitors and 2 coaches from Team HeavyWeights representing Team Canada at the Worlds in June.

Last year I set it as a goal to break the squat record.  I strongly believe in goal setting.  Writing goals on paper, setting “stretch goals” and having long term planning for your goals.  This applies to training and LIFE.

I train the whole year with the goal of breaking this squat record.

There were many days I didn’t want to train, there were MANY Life stresses, there are many times I wanted to quit.

Through it all I pushed through and at this years Nationals I accomplished a HUGE goal of breaking the Squat Record!

I may  have been the one on the platform BUT this was NOT possible without the help of MANY people and for that I will be grateful forever.

My friend Martin Rooney​ for helping me bring out my best with a 1 day seminar in Seattle many years ago.  I then understood the power of a Coach and someone bringing out your BEST.

My HeavyWeights TEAM of lifters Danielle Payne​, Josh Sullivan​, Kevin Farrell​, Megan Carroll​ and our WHOLE HeavyWeights Family.  “Iron Sharpens Iron” and I truly believe that.

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Dean Somerset, Dr. Stu McGill, Bret have helped me SO MUCH to overcome my back injury and be pain free and STRONGER than ever.

Michael Hartle​ for his teachings at StrongFirst, thank you Mike.  I told you then that was my goal and it happened.

I am beyond grateful and to be able to say that I can train pain free and break a Canadian Squat record is a dream come true.

Less than two weeks to Classic Powerlifting World Championship 2015 Salo​ in Finland​ where I will give my absolute BEST.

I love HeavyWeights, and I love PowerLifting.


Squatting 211 kg /465 lbs to break the M1 83 kg /183 lb BWLIFETIME GOAL REACHED!Squatting 211 kg /465 lbs to break the M1 83 kg /183 lb bodyweight record.I trained for 6 months thinking about this 1000 times a day.




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