Muscle Imbalances Revealed

Muscle Imbalances Revealed

I am going to tell you how I went from having an AWESOME Squat of 5 plates per side to the point where I couldn’t squat 135lb.
I am not lying.

Here are the 10 steps to doing this

1. Lift Heavy ALL The Time
2. Don’t Stretch
3. Don’t Warmup Properly
4. Don’t Do ANY Mobility Work
5. Don’t Do Soft Tissue Work
6. Don’t Work the smaller muscles, focus on big muscles only
7. Develop Imbalances (and not fix them)
8. Think that you can “Push Through” Pain
9. Ignore warning signs your body is giving you
10. Go home, slam a protein shake and think that is “Post Workout Recovery”

Let me ask you something.  How many of the 10 above are YOU?   Seriously….

How many?  3?  5? 8?

Well then LISTEN UP because right now ALL my training is learning how to RETRAIN my body because of DAMAGE I did.

Do you want this to be you?

NO?  Then keep reading….Or you can ignore the problems that are poking you now, you will listen when they become Broad Swords and cut your training like it did mine.

Here is the thing, it is super important to do all the stuff you are neglecting, the boring stuff, yes, its not the most exciting stuff.  I mean SMR (Self Myofasicial Release) and mobility isn’t exciting.  But this isn’t a matter of exciting, its a matter of keeping your body HEALTHY & PREVENTING INJURIES.

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I can’t stress this enough, the biggest issue that WILL slow you down in your progress is Injuries.

My Buddy Rick Kaselj Creator Of "Muscle Imbalances Revealed"


I have a ton of messages from readers like you all wanting stuff on injuries.  the topic for me to cover is just huge, i plan to tackle some issues but there is just SO many issues that I don’t even know where to start.

But, let me introduce you to my friend Rick Kaselj (a fellow Canadian but from the west coast but don’t hold that against him).  I met Rick at one of my fitness meetings in California, and my first question to him was “Rick please help me” lol or something along those lines.

Me = Old & Busted

However I don’t want that to be you!  Which is why i want to share with you something that Rick just released (and I am watching myself) and I plan to do a full complete review on my blog this month.

If you have ANY Muscle Issue/Injuries you need to check this out

Here is your NEW Top 10 to NOT get Weaker (like me)

Here are the 10 steps to doing this

1. Lift Heavy but ALWAYS Vary Your Training
2. Stretch Often
3. Always Warm Up
4. Always Do Mobility Work
5. DO Soft Tissue Work (It hurts sooo good)
6. Work the smaller muscles, create a BALANCE, small muscles need work too!
7. Don’t Develop Imbalances, IF you do FIX THEM 🙂
8. Push Through Fatigue NOT PAIN
9. LISTEN to warning signs, its like the little light in your car saying something is wrong
10. Pay attention to COMPLETE RECOVERY.  Ice, Post Workout Nutrition, Correct Supplements

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I hope this helps and I highly recommend you check out Rick’s Muscle Imbalances Revealed, its an INVESTMENT in your body!

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  • carlos

    rob are you serious? that is alot of weight you dropped on your squat. i normally dont squat because i dont have a rack i only have a bench but im gonna buy a rack soon and i dont want this to happen to me!
    good luck getting your strength back rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wish you the best

  • Rob King

    Thanks Carlos

    Things are coming around. I got a great chiro giving me lots of ART (Active Release Technique), coming along.

    I can get through workouts now which I am happy with. Leg works are good, next thing is to hit em frequently.

  • carroll

    aI never did receive the Sports Supplement Guide—its been 5 months now and I’m still waiting…..

  • Rob King

    carroll i sent an email about this last month saying it was ready for download. check your email or shoot me an email but this is up and ready for download.

  • carlos

    hey rob do you think i should take pink magic to increase my bench press and curl? im 17 years old

  • Rob King

    Def not dude…Def not…

    You don’t need anything testosterone enhancing related at your age man, your testosterone level are as high as they will EVER GET. Enjoy it!

    Really you dont need it. get some good protein, some fish oil, creatine & BCAA”s thats ALL YOU NEED at 17!!

    Keep me posted!

  • Mike S

    What would you suggest using or soft tissue work? I’ve looked at the Triggerpoint therapy website and can’t really afford any of the products they sell. I’ve heard tennis balls can be used?

  • Mike S

    For* my bad on the typo

  • Nick Bremner

    Mike, you can just use a foam roller for soft tissue work. They are cheap and you can get them at any place that sells physio supplies.