Interview With UFE Pro Steph Morrissey

Interview With UFE Pro Steph Morrissey

I coach a lot of clients at Heavyweights Training Center.  One of  my top athletes is Stephanie Morrissey.

In just around one year she has taken the women’s overall powerlifting title and then 2 weeks later she won (more like dominated) and won 2 pro cards at her first UFE show in both bikni and fitness model.

She is a power house in the gym and leads by example.

I am very proud of her as my athlete and how she has passed on her strength and passion to others witch her coaching at HWTC.

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Steph thanks for taking the time to do this interview. As your coach I really want to showcase that there are so many myths about females lifting heavy and getting strong so I want to share your success and your story.

Tell us about about you and your training background.

I have always been an athletic person.

My background ranges from years of martial arts and a second degree black belt to being a dancer. I was involved in competitive sports all throughout my school years including volleyball and soccer. I love being active. However, I had never touched a weight or lifted before Heavyweights.

I started at Heavyweights only a year ago and the journey so far has been astronomical. I have learned so much, gained so much strength, gained so much confidence, and it just keeps getting better. When I stepped into Heavyweights was I athletic? YES. Was I strong? Absolutely not. I remember a time when carrying a tray of coffee into the office burned my biceps! I was looking for something to tighten up my body and Heavyweights definitely did that and did so much more.

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I was one of many who believed in the myth that lifting would make me bulky. It actually did the opposite, it made me lean, it made me strong, it made me powerful.ufeshowdown2013-6

I LOVE to lift and it has become part of who I am. Do I lift heavy? Hell yes! Lifting heavy will not make a female bulky what it will do is make a female strong, confident, lean and make them feel awesome!


Thanks for the info Stephanie.

Let’s look at your training. Give us a run down on your training.

What would an average day training look like when you were getting ready for your UFE Show (where you won 2 pro cards in your first show) compared to say your average day training for a powerlifting show.

Give us info on how you train and what you do on a daily basis.

At Heavyweights we believe in training heavy, explosive, and fast but also allowing our bodies recovery time. I trained for a powerlifting show which was 2 weeks prior to the UFE Showdown. The training for that focused in on the basic three lifts: squats, deads, and bench.

I basically took 5 days a week and did different variations of those lifts, had some lighter days, some super heavy days and backed off some days when I needed to. It varied from what my normal training looked like only because I removed the “cardio” section for a few weeks. By cardio I don’t mean countless hours on a tread mill I mean sprints, jumps, bar complexes, etc.

As soon as the powerlifting event was over we changed gears and got into show prep mode. At Heavyweights we do things very differently, I did not do hours of morning and evening cardio, I did not spend countless hours on a treadmill or stairmaster,ufeshowdown2013-46

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I did not starve myself cut water and/or carbs. What I did do was train once a day and train fast and explosive with sprints and sled work and then target areas of my body my coach felt I needed work on. I did a lot of shoulder complexes, stiff leg deads, glute ham raises, and walking lunges. We backed off from the super heavy lifting just for a few weeks so we could target areas better.

I know some people drop 20-35 pounds before a show and hats off to them but that isn’t the way we do it. I walk around like I looked on stage because being healthy and training hard are my lifestyle, preparing for a show came easy as I was already doing the right things. I don’t believe in crash diets or taking diuretics and water cutting to step on stage. I believe in being what you are on that stage all year and doing things the healthy way.

I know most girls are afraid to eat and afraid to lift heavy. Let’ go a little more into the Nutrition side of things.

What is your Nutrition like on a daily basis?HVP_UFE-Showdown2013-39

My nutrition is healthy on a daily basis and includes A LOT of food! I definitely don’t stave myself and anyone who knows me would laugh at that thought =) I eat, eat, eat – the body needs fuel to function and shine so I fuel mine. I normally eat 6-8 meals a day. I eat healthy proteins, carbs, and even get some peanut butter in there because I feel I deserve it 😉

People have the mixed up notion that carbs are “bad” that isn’t true and the body needs them. I eat a healthy carb (brown rice normally) at least twice a day and always have one post workout. I don’t do a super strict diet and when I want a treat I will have one. I train hard enough to be able to do that. I don’t deprive myself of anything. So did I walk into the show dehydrated and almost dead due to lack of carbs – HECK no – I walked in with coffee and oatmeal ready to take on the world and I felt great.

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There wasn’t a moment in training that I was weak or felt deprived of food.

What’s on the horizon for you training and competition wise? What should your fans look for in the next few months from you and how are you going to get there?
I have the North American Championship Pro Show on November 9, 2013 in Hamilton Ontario. I can not wait to step on stage again and be surrounded by, talk to, and learn from so many awesome athletes. It is truly the experience of a lifetime. The UFE experience is beyond what I would have expected. The aspect that it’s a natural show was what made me want to be part of this organization. I believe in natural, I believe in healthy, and I believe in doing things the healthy way. At Heavyweights that is how we always do things.



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