Josh Sullivan Interview

Josh Sullivan Interview

Josh, thanks for taking the time to do this interview.  As your coach, I really want to showcase how you’re continuing to get stronger, leaner and more athletic.  So, let’s start.  Tell me a bit about yourself Josh.

First, I’d like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this.  Keeping this short, I have a very positive outlook on life! I have core values and I follow them religiously.  They keep my motivated and moving forward in both personal development and life.  I love to train, educate, and bring out the best in people. It’s my passion.

I have hobbies outside the gym as well! (Surprising, I know I know.) I have been snowboarding/mountain biking and playing guitar since I was a kid and I still love it.




Thanks for the info Josh.  Let’s look at your training. Please give us a more detailed view on your training and training philosophies.

Training for me is simple. I make it fun.  I’ve tried SO many different workout routines.  What I’ve learned was that now I can definitely figure out that there is no BEST way to train.  Everyone has their own way, but one thing I see in common is they LOVE it.  The guy or gal who dislikes it?  Chances are they are not going to perform there best.

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I love to lift heavy in the day! Squats, Deads, Press movements, You name it.  At the end of the workout I’ll deplete with something a little less demanding, and start isolating body parts that corresponded with the heavy lift.

My advice?  Train hard.  Stay focused and hungry for the next workout.  Never leave the gym feeling like I got hit by a truck.  That’s what the next day might feel like sometimes, but never right after the workout, that’s when you wanna feel good.




Josh What is your nutrition like on a daily basis?  If there is one thing about you that makes you a stand-out, it’s your attention to detail on nutrition.  Please tell us more.

Clean. Very Clean.  I eat like a Caveman… I have a strong belief in the “paleo diet” and low gluten.

I personally believe that although we have evolved as humans, one thing that hasn’t changed all that dramatically is our digestive systems.  These man-made foods that literally OVERFLOW all the shelves in grocery stores are FULL of chemicals and genetically modified organisms that your body has to fight to keep itself healthy.  I don’t want my body fighting anything I’m eating… I want it absorbing nutrients and becoming stronger.

Even when I have “treat meals,” which I allow myself a certain amount every week, I’m still thinking about how my body is going to react to it.  Even though it’s my “treat meal,” I’m still going to try and make it the best I can, make sure it contains protein and some useful healthy fats or carbs that my body is actually going to try and use instead of upsetting my stomach for the next 6+ hours.

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What’s on the horizon for you training and competition-wise?  What should your fans look for in the next few months from you, and how are you going to get there?

I recently just finished up a competition in Vancouver where I placed top 5 in the WBFF, and am working towards another competition in October, “Halloween Mayhem.”  I am going to be gunning for a UFE Pro-Card.

Training still stays the same for now until about 4 weeks out.  I’ll add some additional sled work at night, and as carbs start to lower I’ll cut back on the heavy training and focus more on feeling good and keeping healthy right up to the day of the show.


Josh is the one on the far right with the incredible quads and abs!


If anyone was looking to follow your training, motivation and updates where could they find you?

Facebook of course!!

Josh Sullivan Facebook Page =>

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