Travis Stoetzel: Unbreakable Bad Ass

Travis Stoetzel: Unbreakable Bad Ass

This is an interview with my friend and all-round strength training beast: Travis Stoetzel.

Travis is a guy I really admire and respect as a coach and an athlete.  I like the way he trains, and I love his approach to back-to-basics hard training.

Me: “Hey Travis, good to chat with you again.  Maybe you can tell us about yourself and your game in Omaha.”

Travis:  “Well, I own and operate the Forged Athlete Gym and have now been up and running strong for over 3 years now.  We do a lot of crazy stuff in there and have a whole slew of different people ranging from young athletes, ex-athletes, MMA guys, college kids, and lots of military, fire, law enforcement dudes…Only requirement to join is that they be 110% ready and willing to work hard and have a positive frame of mind.  We get after it when we train and if a person isn’t willing to give it their all, they’re outta there.”


Me:  “A lot of our training philosophies are very similar.  Back-to-basics, hard work, strength training, intense cardio (not boring steady state and treadmills).  Can you tell us a bit more about your training philosophies?”

Travis:  “First and foremost, I’m all about training for PERFORMANCE.  When you train for performance overall, you’ll get a lot back in terms of results…get lean, build strength, mobility, power, conditioning…I like to blend the use of different training tools and modalities together all starting with bodyweight training.  That’s the base of everything.  From there, I really like to focus on power development.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a young athlete or police officer, I’m going to get you moving explosively faster.  It will cross over into so many other things.                                                                 

From there, STRENGTH is of major priority.  Bodyweight first, then usually sandbags and kettlebells, then we get into heavy barbell movements.  No one goes to those until they prove they’re strong with their own bodyweight first.  Other then that, I use it all – gymnastics, strongman, powerlifting, Olympic Lifting…I use everything that I can that will yield results.  Just have to make sure there’s some sort of “method” behind the madness.”

Rob:  “Your latest program is out.  Can you tell us more about it?”

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Travis:  “Yes, ‘The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint’!  I was jacked up to finally get this released as I’ve been putting it together for a while now.  In short, it’s the program that I’ve personally used to get myself more prepared for Crossfit.  In addition, I’ve put a lot of my Elite Coaching client through this same program and the results I have seen from it are awesome.

It focuses on getting you strong as hell, highly conditioned and very explosive all at once.  The programming I’ve developed for it I like to call “Controlled Chaos.”

With this, I’ve got just the right amount of structure to give you want you need for overall strength and power gain, then give you enough variety to help push your conditioning to new heights.  Something I’ve added in to push results even more is a “competition” aspect in which there are different event- style workouts within the program that serve as tests to help you see where you’re at.  Anytime you add in a bit of competition, you’re results will go up.

Overall, The UBB is a 12-week program that’s made up of 2 different 6 week phases.  Phase 1 – Alpha Phase, then phase 2 – Phase Omega.  The UBB is progressive in nature which is one of the major keys to consistent results.  It will challenge even those who think they’re already in good shape…and I didn’t name it The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint for nothing…That’s exactly what it will do – Turn you into a BADASS.


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Rob:  “What are your own training plans and goals for the next few months?”

Travis: “Right now I’m focused in on competing within The Crossfit Open.  From there it will be Regionals.  My overall goal is to make it to the Games.  I’ve made it to the Regionals the last few years and have done OK (8th and 13th), but not good enough.  To make it to the Games and compete with the worlds best would be HUGE.

Since I don’t play any competitive sports any more, training is my sport now.  So my main focus is to keep getting stronger and improve on my overall conditioning.”


Rob:  “If someone wanted more info what is your blog and facebook page…”

Travis : “Yeah, they can find me on Facebook at or check out my blog at”


For more information on Unbreakable Bad Ass from Travis go HERE.

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