10 Simple Tips For A Better Kettlebell Swing

10 Simple Tips For A Better Kettlebell Swing

10 Simple Tips For A Better Kettlebell Swing


Today was the first time in a long time that I did Kettlebell swings.


I love barbell training but right now my body just needs a break from heavy squats and deadlifts while I let my hip heal.  

I forgot how amazing swings are.

My hips felt great, I had a great lower body pump and my heart rate was on bust.

The swing is amazing for fat loss, conditioning, improving explosive power and learning how to use your hips (which is important for strength and sports).

I never really understood the kettlebell swing until I was taught it when I did the Strong First SFG Certification with Dan John and Pavel.   You can read more about my experience doing the SFG certification by going HERE

That weekend was a life changing experience.



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I love the kettlebell swing, when done properly it’s one of the best exercises you can ever do.


Here Are 10 Tips To A Better Kettlebell Swing


1. Learn to hinge (this is critical)

2. The swing is a hinge not a squat

3. Learn how to “hike” for a start position

4. Swing with your hips not your arms

5. At the top of the swing learn “The Lock” (it’s a standing hard plank)

6. Learn to pull the bell down (over swing for speed)

7. Learn how to breath when you swing (in through the nose, out through the mouth)

8. Be relaxed and flow

9. Don’t grip the bell too tight

10. Practice makes perfect

As stated the swing is one of the best exercises you can do, it can also be one of the worst.  Be sure to learn proper technique.  Don’t swing through your back, learn to hinge and practice technique.

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