150 lb. KettleBell Swings

150 lb. KettleBell Swings

Sometimes ya just gotta lift heavy sh*t.

Was my form textbook?


Could I have lowered the weight and done a textbook swing?


Do I care to always have perfect, textbook form?

Sometimes ya gotta lift heavy and have some fun.

I am not one of these guys that thinks that every single rep has to be perfect.  Sometimes form can be sacrificed (a little) to add a little more weight.  With heavy Kettlbell Swings, that is gonna happen.

Here is a video of me playing around with our newest investment at Heavyweights Training Center…124 & 150 lb Ader Kettlebells from Rogue Fitness.

I am very happy with this. That’s because two years ago I couldn’t even DO a kettlebell swing because my back was so bad.

I figured the day after I would be a train wreck, but not at all.  Felt really good actually.  Worked on some soft tissue with a TP Therapy ball and roller, did some Hip Mobility drills, and the next day I felt awesome.

After training at DeFranco’s Gym a few weeks ago for the CPPS Certification, I got to do some heavy swings.  I loved ’em at Joe’s gym, so I decided to order some big KettleBells for HWTC

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