Find Your “Cave”

Find Your “Cave”

OK so I will use another quote from “Fight Club” but it will make sense if you saw the movie.

“I’m going to my cave, I’m going to my cave, I’m going to find my power animal”.

I believe to do anything well you need to find happiness in it.

You need to LOVE IT…and to do that sometimes ya gotta focus in.

Wether its your work, your workout, your meditation, your run, your swim, whatever it is that’s YOUR time.

It’s Your Cave,

It’s YOUR Place.

Well tonight I found out where my place was.

Me, My Mac, My Boes Headphones,  Some Tool & Writing Training Programs for my gym and clients.

That’s me finding my “Cave”.

When you can lose time doing something you love you will become successful at it.

If you have a “job” you are always looking at the clock.

When you “love your job” you never look at the clock.

This doesn’t have to be for your “Job”, it can be for anything.

Like your workouts.

Are you attacking your workouts or are you just doing them?
Do you look at the clock to count the time until you go?
Or do you look at it and attack every second of it?

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Years ago before some of my best workouts I would always take 15 minutes, get a coffee, drive around, listen to some Nine Inch Nails or Nirvana and I would find my “Place”.

I used to get my best workouts ever then.

I noticed recently when I did my last hard Rippedin42 Challenge for my photoshoot, but I had a goal, and I found my “place” again.  I HATED the idea of a photo shoot, but I loved the challenge, and photo shoot is a pressure I don’t like.  All the more reason for me to do it.

I’d throw on some music on I tunes, have a coffee and start reading about training from guys like Jason Ferrugia, Martin Rooney, and others.  It would pump me up again, it helped me find my “place”.

Do yourself a favor to make your life and your workouts better, find your “place”.

Life is fast, we are all busy, we all got too much to do.

But remember how busy you are, it only takes 15 minutes to find your “Cave”.

Find your place, and “Slide”

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