When Failure Is A Good Thing

When Failure Is A Good Thing

Most people avoid things in life for one main reason.

Fear of FAILURE.

Let’s be honest, it’s a hard thing to admit your afraid of failing at something.

It’s even harder when you get the courage, put in the work, do your best, and STILL FAIL.

Failure sucks.

Or does it?

I really believe that failure is a good thing.

I have failed many times in life but here are two of my biggest failures that I honestly thought at the time were the worst thing that ever could have happened to me.


Failure 1 – Failing out of University

For many years after failing out of MUN I felt like a complete idiot.

I kept trying, but NOTHING I could do would help.  I couldn’t focus, I had no desire to be there, and as much as I really wanted to, it just wasn’t for me.

One night I even walked around late at night trying to give my absolute best and really focus starting tomorrow and do my absolute best, I promised myself I would change.

I still failed out that semester.

I had failed and I hated it.

But FAILING doesn’t mean your a failure it just means your trying.

Lesson Learned – Failing out of University was the BEST thing that could have happened to me.  If I went to MUN and got my education I wouldn’t have my business Heavyweights and I can’t imagine NOT having Heavyweights as my life.


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Failure 2 – Failing My Exam To Be A Fire Fighter

A lot of people don’t know this about me but years ago I wanted to be a fire fighter.

I was a pivotal place in my life and business.  Money was tight, stress was high, and I felt I needed a “Job” to feel more secure. For those who know me personally that does not sound like me.

So for almost 5 months I went back to school and I did the fire fighting course in Stephenville. For five months I was away from my girlfriend Danielle, my dogs, my house, my business and my life.

It was the hardest 5 months of my life, ever.

I was blessed enough to have some GREAT people there that helped me stay sane and be friends when needed.

I did my best, I worked hard, and I got very comfortable being uncomfortable.

Bare in mind I have a SEVERE phobia of heights, to this day I hate to be on any ladder and as sad as it is I won’t go on roller coast rides because I hate heights.

How bad did I want to pass this course and do my best for me and my family.

I did the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life, this took more courage for me to do in my whole life over almost anything I have ever done.

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I had to climb this ladder to the very top.


This may not seem like a big deal to some people.

To me it was physical and mental hell.

I didn’t want to climb the ladder but I did, and I was damn proud of it.

But I KNEW something was wrong.

A few months later I wrote the test for our local St. John’s Regional Fire Department.

To pass you needed 70%,

I got my marks back


I failed.

I was devastated. All the sacrifice, all the hard work, all the money, all of it, and I FAILED.

But I didn’t fail.

At that very moment I said to Danielle that I was doing to focus %100 on Heavyweights and Heavyweights Training Center and make it work.

I was no longer going to do it half assed, I was going to focus and no matter what MAKE IT WORK.

Out of Failure I realized the importance of what was my TRUE passion and love, and that is Fitness and Strength Training and Coaching,

Lesson Learned – Sometimes failing at something you think you want so bad is a blessing in disguise.  Give it some time and let go.

One of my coaches used the phrase “Fail Forward”.  It’s better to be failing forward in life than it is to be stand still.

When you stop failing is when you stop trying.

If some of your biggest failures turned into blessings in disguise share em below.

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