Crossfit, San Diego, Blackout…..keep reading

Crossfit, San Diego, Blackout…..keep reading

I wrote this on the trip home from San Diego to St. John’s Newfoundland  at about 30 thousand feet.

That’s a long trip across North America let me tell ya.

I spent the weekend in San Deigo (what an amazing city) with a bunch of Fitness Professionals.

However as great as the city is, it was really strange when the power went out at 3pm during our seminar.  Thinking it was our room, maybe the building we come to find out that ALL of San Diego had no power and that it may continue until the morning.

WTF? Not good.

Luckily I just “convinced” myself that I was fasting and it was not big deal that I couldn’t eat (which made me want to eat twice as much, funny how that works hey.)

Anyways we got power back like 3am, no big deal, but breakfast sure tasted good that next morning.

I am pretty lucky and I have access to some of the smartest minds in the fitness industry which takes my level of education & knowledge to another level. I am so grateful to be able to meet such smart people.

In our group we have a wide variety of people from Travis “The Freak” Stozel, Rick K from Exercise For Injuries  & Peter, The Gluten Warrior, and of course Dan Go – “The Fat Loss Ninja”.

Overall I had an amazing time and I met some great people, got to see San Diego (again), but best of all I got some killer workouts in with some of my buddies that were at the events.

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On Friday I was lucky enough to hit the Cross Fit Gym in San Diego, Cross Fit East Village.

What a WICKED atmosphere this place had. It was your typical Crossfit warehouse gym, but it was totally bad ass and I LOVED IT. We went for a workout on Friday night and we killed it.

I ended up training with a couple of great guys from my group. Dan Go “The Fat Loss Ninja”, Travis Stoetzel “The Freak” (well that’s what I like to call him), and Mike “Alpha Male” Inscho.

Travis, Mike & I did up the “Freakshow Friday” workout consisting of the following as fast as you can

25 Pull Ups
25 Thrusters
25 Kettlebell Swings
25 Plyo box jumps with a burpee (Travis thought normal plyos would be too easy lol)

We had a wicked workout!

One thing I gotta say, is that at 37 I have my share of “war wounds”. 2 bicep tears (1 bicep surgery, and 2 hand surgeries), 1 herniated disc in my lower back, and 3 bulging discs.

But ya know what, when it comes to training there is NOTHING I LOVE MORE! Check out our workout below, we had a blast doing it. If you are looking for some hardcore workouts do what I did and grab Travis “The Freak” Stoetezels “Bags, Bells & Bodyweight” I love it and so do my clients.

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After this wicked workout I enjoyed finished it up with some stretching, soft tissue work and a nice walk home in the San Diego weather,

Crossfit Gym San Diego

Saturday I got another workout in, this time at “FIT” gym.

I had a great workout there with my buddy “The Fat Loss Ninja” Dan Go. I tagged along with Dan and we did Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact BodyBuilding workout.

It was a nice change of pace from the intensity workout at the Crossfit gym, it is more of a BodyBuilding type workout of 5 sets of 5 reps.

It was a great workout all the same.

However FIT Gym was more like a dance techno bar than a gym!

The crazy beats were playing, people were training doing some weird sh*t. One guy (wearing gloves mind you), was doing reverse shrugs in the power rack, but to make matters worse he was doing like a upright row with the bar behind his back in the power rack. WTF! All I could do was turn away and focus in on my own workout.



Thank god for hardcore gyms like Crossfit & Heavyweights Training Center, I just can’t stand typical crazy techno gyms with mirrors and machines everywhere, not my style.

After the 5×5 workout Dan Go and I finished with some Plyo box jumps. I LOVED these plyo boxes as they are the Safe Plyo Boxes. I have these on order for my gym and it was great to test them out. Man they feel nice to land on.

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I got some great workouts in and if you are in the San Diego area be sure to hit up one of these gyms depending on your choice of training style.

Along with some great workouts I got a good few hours in hiking along Sea Port Village, checking out the sights and the USS Midway.

Saturday night we took it to another level partying VIP style at The Hard Rock located on The Gas Lamp District. As they say for Vegas “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” , this should be applied to San Diego as The Gas Lamp District is just as crazy as Vegas!

Overall I had am amazing time, met some super smart & fit people, got in some great workouts, and got to see beautiful San Diego.

If you have been to San Diego maybe you can leave a comment below telling me some places that you liked or that you recommend.

So post up some feedback as I would love to hear from you.

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