Meet My Dogs, Tell me about yours…

Meet My Dogs, Tell me about yours…

First off if you are not a dog lover this post will not interest you. This won’t be fitness related, I won’t tell you how to lose fat, build muscle, or any of those things we are all obsessed with.

However, if you are a dog lover (and you are like me), then I suggest you keep reading and tell me about your dogs and share their stories here with me..

Meet Jersey.

Jersey started out as a GoldFish. Well, let me back track a little. Jersey is our girl because I went out shopping for goldfish and came home with her. It was the best mistake I ever made >>Insert Jersey Pupply Pic <<

Jersey is now 6 years old. She loves to pretend that she is a person. In her mind she hates being treated like a dog. For example one time when we were driving across Newfounfland and our other dog Rommel Threw up in the back seat of our Xterra our poor girl jersey was traumatized. She was so dainty and embarresed just having to sit in the back with them even for a minute.

Jersey’s hobbies are trying to run away, get up on the couch and watch TV and of course pretend she is a person.

The next of our kids to enter our lives is Rommel.

Rommel started out as a cranky, angry bad ass puppy! When we first got him was a funny story. After driving 5 hours to get Rommel we arrive at the breeders house. Upon entering there was a cracky, barking, angry alpha male trying to come through the fence at me. He was only 8 weeks old but he as a bad ass! So I made a joke and said “who got the dog with the attitude” to which the breeder replied “That’s yours”. I thought I had my hands full! Boy was I wrong!

Rommel turned out to be a teddy bear (to those who know him). Rommel doesn’t have many friends, but the friends he has he loves and protects. He is my boy and he was the best money I could have ever spent. I always dreamed of having a german shepherd, and Rommel is beyond perfect.

Rommel’s hobbies include destroying kongs (aren’t they suppose to be unbreakable?), being a goof ball, Posing for the camera (He LOVES pictures), and herding our cats, and protecting our home from non friends ☺.

Next meet Becka aka Moopy

We adopted Becka about 2 years ago. She was an abused and mistreated dog. When we took her in she had bitten 3 people, spent most of her life in a kennel and had sores on her nose from wearing her muzzle almost all the time.

Becka was a very sad and mis understood dog.

Her previous owner was going to have her put down for biting people. She was neglected and not worth his time. Luckily for Becka Danielle stepped in and saved her and took her home.

She was a very difficult dog. Along with Weimerainers being a difficult breed Becka had severe aggression, mistrust, anxiety, and depression. She didn’t play, she didn’t relax. Becka had nothing, she hated everything and everyone.

Becka loves stealing my Reese Peanut Butter Cups!

I am glad to say that a lot of that has changed. Even though she is a work in progress

Becka’s hobbies consist of running outside (and on our Treadmill), wrestling and giving kisses. She even loves to cuddle. Going to bed and cuddling is the highlight of Becka’s day. As soon as she hears the TV goes off she runs straight to bed in excitement!

Never ever ever give up on a dog. You wouldn’t want anyone to give up on you.

Last is my little buddy Sam. Sadly Sam is no longer with us anymore due to a tragic accident he left us 2 years ago. Not a day goes by I don’t think or miss Sammy.

Sammy was also a rescue for Danielle and I. We took him in about 4 years ago. Before we took Sammy he was actually used to drag someone around in a cart (don’t ask about that one).

The person who had Sammy after he was rescued the first time could no longer take care of Sammy, so Danielle and I decided to take him in. It was a decision I made without hesitation.

Sadly Sammy left us too early, but I am happy knowing that the last 2 years of Sammy’s life he had a great time playing with our pack. We treated Sammy like gold and he will always be missed…..

RIP Sammy You will be missed!

Sammy’s hobbies included trying to run away, giving kisses, and lying on his back getting his belly rubbed as much as possible (and sometimes peeing on me because he loved it oh so much…. Not once did I mind cleaning up that pee….)

So there you have it, that’s our dog’s and our “Pack”.

I would love you to share your stories and pictures about your dogs (aka kids) so please take a few minutes and tell me a story or share a picture.

Tell me about your dogs…..

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  • Marc

    Well looks like more and more we are alike
    Kinda creepy if u ask me both jeep freaks workout freaks and dog lovers
    We have a shitzu/bichon cross got her from my mom she has her parents and bread them and gave her to us. She is a typical diva loves wearing shirts we keep her fur short and she gets cold so….then there is my little man… Keep in mind i used to bot be so fond of little dogs preferd bigger dogs . U was raised with a sheppard/ newfy cross
    Anywaysbmy little guy i got from a friend he has his parents and his female got pregnant and asked me if i knew anybody who wanted a pup… I txted the wife she was thrilled.. Hes a mini dashound crossed with a litttle bit of chihuahua
    He may be little but thinks he is alpha dog
    I have pics on my fb profile if u wnna see them
    I also forgot that my little guy was a women love and before we got a chance to get our shitzu fixed he jumped her and gave us a handfull of little munchki s
    We kept one and named her phoenix
    The shitzus name is twith and the daschound is gunther

  • Rob King

    Awesome Marc! Thank’s for sharing!! I think you can post pics here if you want, let me know

  • Jonathon L

    I am also a huge dog lover. My dog’s name is Summer. She is an Airedale terrier mix. She is 5 years old and a huge baby! When we got her she was really sick. I spent the first night following her around & cleaning up her puke. She was crying & I felt so bad for her. She must have understood how I felt because since that day she has not left my side. Anywhere I go, she goes with me. She loves to run around the garden & play, and she loves any kinda toy really. I love my dog more than I do most people, lol. I never really understood the saying “Man’s best friend” till I got my own dog. Now I do.

  • Brandon

    Wow rob that is so awesome, if i ever become rich enough i want to open a center to rescue dogs, i currently have two, one is a 3 year old black lab named chester. He was a gift from some close friends of mine, i was there to watch him be born and pretty well picked him that day, he has been with me threw alot of hard times and he is definitely the most important thing to me. When i first got him i felt so lucky, his parents both cost 2grand, one is a yellow show lab, other was a hunting pedigree choco, chester learned everything right away, there isnt a trick in this world u cant teach him he truly is an amazing dog. Sadly he has very bad allergies and can only eat very expensive food so its hard sometimes to bring him food that is $90 for 30lbs, he is more then worth it tho. over the last year i was trying to join the army, i left home and couldnt bring him, so i let him stay with my dad who at first, hated having the responsibility, but after a while grew to love him. he stayed with my dad until one day i got a call and my dad had a very serious stroke, sometimes he cant remember my name but he always asks to see chester. My second dog i recently got 8he is about 8months old, he is a purebred pug, i got him because after staying with family while i was away they ahd a pug and i just loved him, i named him arnie after the great oak, any1 who reads this hopefully knows who im referring to!, he is a good little dog, sometimes alot to handle but him and chest r best friends they dont leave each others side, when we got arnie we actually picked a pure black pug, and 2 days before we got him they found he was sick and we ended up picking the one we have now and we r very happy, everyone calls him prince arnie cause its his way or the highway! i got lots of pics on my facebook of them! im glad there are others in the world who feel the way i do about dogs, they are incredible animals.

  • Ray

    Awesome post Rob. So awesome, I decided to post as well. Dogs are just as much a part of a family as anyone else, and it kills me to see/hear of one being mistreated.

    I have a 6 year old, 135lbs Rottweiler named Tear. He acts soo much like a child it is unbelievable. If I’m watching television late at night, he’ll look at me, walk upstairs, look back at me as if to say (come on to bed fool) and then continue on to lie in the spare bed, head on his pillow fast asleep. When he plays he thinks of himself just like a small puppy, running from and dodging even the smallest dog. He loves walks, playing, and getting his belly/ass scratched. But he HATES techno music, literally.


  • steven ebarb

    I have a 6 year old pit bull terrier named Maximus Mc Craye that weighs around 75lbs. I have had him ever since he was a 5 week old pup. And like everyone elses dog he acts just like a human. I trained him on command to do a number of things, at night whenever I watch tv whenever I am not working he will come and lay on the floor right beside my chair and wait until I am ready to go to bed. He plays baseball, and football, eats steak vegies and chicken. Has his own couch, and loves spending time with me. He walks and runs with me every other day and is really a dear friend to me. He goes swimming with me in the summer, goes on trail rides with me on my property, and is one of the sweetest and kindest souls that I have ever met. He loves sleeping on his back, stretching in the morning times whenever he wakes up, riding in the truck, visiting people and dogs alike, getting presents that squeak, and being a good friend. This year he is getting a pair of dumbell squeaking toys with alot of other things for Christmas.

  • Niki

    I am a huge animal lover. I curently have 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 rabbit. Ben is my dog. He turned eight years old in May. He is a West Highland White Terrier. We bought him from a breeder on Thorburn Road. He is a great little dog. He gets along well with my other pets. He loves his family to death. Some of Ben’s hobbies are telling off/barking at the mailman or the kids on the street, chasing the cats, going for walks, going for drives or playing with his various toys. Ben loves to go in the car. He can usually be found driving around in the back of my dads CRV. Westies tend to think they are a big dog. Last winter Ben and I were out for a walk and he saw two men walking up the hill with a shovel. He became concerned and he stayed in front of me and growled at the men. The men laughed and made a comment that I had my own little guard dog. Our house would not be the same without Ben. I can’t imagine living in a household without pets. They are always there for you and always know how to make you feel better when you are in a rotten mood!

  • Steve

    My wife and I are currently looking to rescue a dog. No breed preference, just looking for a medium sized adult dog who needs a home. My wife lost her 14 year old shi-tzu last year and she’s finally ready for another one.
    Dogs are the best friends a person can have; no hidden agenda, no malice or cruelity, just an honest desire to please and be loved. Way better than people!

  • Kathy Newman

    Hi Rob! Great post, I am a crazy dog person and have wanted one since I was little. My first dog Spice, passed away when I was 14 and it borke my heart. My mom wouldn’t allow me to get another dog while I lived at home since it was so hard when we lost Spice. When I moved out on my own, I made sure I found an apartment that allowed dogs (which is almost impossible in this city!!!) I found one and luckily, I loved the place so I moved in right away. I spent two weeks looking for a puppy and found one at The Humane Society and put my name on the list. I was approved and all I needed was a letter from my landlord saying it was ok to have a dog. When I asked him for the letter, my landlord said “I’m sorry Kathy, you must have misunderstood… we’re not allowing dogs here”. I was heartbroken. I had visited this little puppy everyday for 2 weeks untill he was big enough to go home and was already terribly attached. I couldn’t find another apartment in time, so my puppy went to another home.
    When my boyfriend and I decided to live together, he already had a 6 month old Pug/Boston Terrier cross (Stewart) who was smart as a whip. He never had an accident in the house and scratches to get out and come back in. But he did have some behaviorial problems. He would jump and nip never nver calm down. When I moved in, I decided to put Stewart on a time-out schedule, just like a child. Whenever he got too out of control, we’d put him on a time-out. If he didn’t bark for 5 minutes, he got to come out. If he did, we waited untill he relaxed. He’d come out and be calm and enjoyable. It was the only thing that worked! I told my boyfriend that if I was moving in, I had to be able to get a dog. It was very important to me to have a puppy that was mine. I loved Stewart but I didn’t get to see him grow up, really. So we looked FOREVER and we met a family that had a 10 week old puppy who was looking to give her up. They had only had her for 2 weeks. I didn’t really understand why they were giving her up but I didn’t care. She was black, floppy and super cute. Just what I wanted. Princess Consuela is a Minature Collie/Scottie cross and she’s my baby. She has had some real separation anxiety issues since we got her. When I went to work, she would find a spot to have an accident. As soon as she did it, her ears would go down and she’d run to her bed and lie down. She knew it was wrong, but she was mad that I left! And anytime we’d leave her alone, she target my clothes for distruction. She was taken from her mother too early, and taken from another family shortly after. She feels terribly guilty when she has an accident, which only makes things worse. But we’ve been weeks now with no accidents and we’re hoping she keeps doing so well. My dogs are my kids and everyone who comes in our home knows that. I’m actually also in the middle of a dog-grooming course so I can learn to groom and meet other dogs! I’m also hoping I can convince my boyfriend to get a third puppy to add to the family! Our dogs are best friends and they’re always playing or cuddling together. I could go on for days about how wonderful our dogs are!

  • Jackie

    I was a volunteer at our local SPCA for 10 years…every pet I have ever had has been a rescue. But lets talk about the 2 critters I have now. I moved to Alberta in 2005. I immediatly went to the SPCA to meet some dogs. There was a 6 month old Akita/Husky cross that caught my husbands attention. I was absolutly against getting a puppy. For 2 reasons…1..because of the house training …and 2…As I know from experience…puppies get homes..older dogs do not (generally speaking)..So I wanted to save an older dog. But my husband and this Akita X formed an immediate connection…so we adopted him. We named him Hitch. Hitch was the movie my husband and I went tp see pn our first date. Anywhooo…he is GORGEOUS…but as I suspected….destructive. He destroyed a couch and our carpet…and then the peeing and pooping everywhere…5 years later, Hitch is a wonderful pet. Handsome, Loyal, Obedient and Fabulous with our 2 year old son. When we adopted Hitch, we continued to go to the SPCA on weekends to walk the dogs. It was a way to keep our dog socialized and a great way to get the homeless out of their kennels. This one day (about a year after we adopted Hitch) there was a medium sized mutt. And I call him Mutt because even the vets have NO IDEA what breeds are in him. He was between 10 and 12 years old with very bad cataracts. I fell in love. I had to have him. We adopted him and called him Wilbur. He and Hitch instantly got along. And when they go out for evening walks (then off leash) Wilbur would stay behind Hitch (cataracts) and Hitch would never wander to far ahead. Willy was housebroken already and just wanted to know where the door was to go out and where he was going to sleep. Its 4 years later..and we still have our 2 rescues. Hitch is 51/2 and I guess Wilbur is between 14 and 16 now. I love my babies!!! I would like to post a pic….but I cant seem to figure out how.

  • Jackie