Bench Press Alternatives

Bench Press Alternatives

If you are looking for Bench Press Alternatives, this blog post will help you.

I love to bench!!  Well I “used” to love to bench.  I don’t bench much anymore.  I have nothing against the bench press (Except it is a ego lift more so than a productive lift), nevertheless I love benching. These days I do more training based on bench press alternatives than good ol benching.

However benching can get boring!!  It also can reek havoc on your pec tendons, rotator cuff muscles and isn’s a great lift for developing the pecs, its actually more of a shoulder & tricep exercise.  Hard to believe but true!

I have a lot of my clients (especially those doing MMA & Jiu Jitsu) do other exercises besides just standard bar or dumbell press, and here’s why!

Answer this question for me.  When EVER have you laid on your back, on a bench, with your body elevated and done a bench press motion in real life?  Just think about it for a second?

My guess would be NEVER.

Now IF you are lying on your back and pressing up (IE underneath something pressing up) more than likely your back is ON the floor, not 2 feet above it on a bench!

Which is why I recommend a few Bench Press Alternatives to just the normal bar or dumbell press!

Give these bench press alternatives a try your next workout!  You won’t be disappointed!

Remember that sometimes to increase your bench press the best thing you can do is stop benching and focus in on some Bench Press Alternatives.

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  • Awesome alternatives Rob! Great exercises especially if you are into MMA or boxing!

    Thanks for sharing bro!


  • Excellent video post.

  • Allyson

    Love the third exercise – I do it often, and yeah, weird looks always follow! I’ll have to try the other two. Thanks!


    Great exercises Rob. I’ve seen a couple of them done before, but never thought much of them until now. I’ll be trying these on my next work.

  • Nolan Capstick

    Great workouts, I’ll definetly have to give that last one a try for sure

  • David Lehman

    Those are some great alternatives to bench presses. I am definitely going to try each of those! Like others, I’ve seen some of those or variations of those, but never really thought about doing them. Now I will! Thanks for the great video post!

  • Sean

    This would make a sweet circuit! Thanks for the new ideas! I don’t like bench press either. I used to but now it has become obvious that my shoulders get most of the stimulation.

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