Book Review – Ultimate MMA Strength

Book Review – Ultimate MMA Strength

Book Review – MMA Strength Eric Wong

I got put on to Eric Wong a few months ago when we were privileged enough to have one of the top grapplers & pro MMA fighter Jeff Joslin to Bushido for a Seminar a few months ago. I talked to Jeff and he put me on to Eric in regards to strength and conditioning programs for MMA.

Ultimate MMA Strength & Conditioning

Ultimate MMA Strength & Conditioning

Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning is a great source of information!  I buy a ton of books and try to learn as much as I can, at times I find it difficult to find good books.  Most of them are either regurgitated information, or someone trying to show their knowledge in one area but carried over into another.  However, this is not the case with Eric’s book.  The book is bang on with regards to specific information for MMA athletes, both competitive and non competitive.

The book is laid out with tons of exercise information, pictures, and even a 12 and 16 week plan of attack to get in the best shape possible!

Here is a brief summary of the chapters.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Flexibility and Mobility Training

Chapter 3 – Periodization

Chapter 4 – Strength and Power Training

Chapter 5 – NRG System Training

Eric goes into depth on each chapter.  His background includes Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) & Certified Kinesiologist (CK) through the Ontario Kinesiology Association.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve their martial arts conditioning and wants to learn more of the science behind the training.  Overall this is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it.

Jeff Joslin UFC Pro & Grappling Champion

Jeff Joslin UFC Pro & Grappling Champion - Bushido Seminar

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