MMA Leg Training Workout

MMA Leg Training Workout


If you are looking for a killer MMA Leg Workout, give this a try!

This is a training video I recorded in California I call it the “Legs Like GSP Workout”.

I got some of this info from GSP’s trainer Jon Chaimberg and also from

Most of my current training now is all done with single leg training.  With my current back injury I am no longer able to squat big weight (as much as I miss it), but this type of training has opened my eyes to the benefits of doing different types of workouts.

It is this type of training that lets a midget like me have a vertical jump like this 🙂

Even if you are not a MMA Fighter or do any MMA training you can still do something like this MMA Leg Workout and get a awesome and fun workout!

A lot of the time we have a tendency to do the same workouts over and over again.  Squats, Leg Presses, Leg Extensions etc.  These are good exercises, but variety is good.  You won’t believe the gains you can get by dramatically changing your leg workout.

Give this MMA Leg Workout a go for 4 weeks, I bet you won’t believe the differences in your strength and leg definition!

A lot of people think that the only way to build big legs is to do the basics like squats and leg presses.  This is very true in many ways, but it is smart to hit muscles from different angles and also to add some sort of athletic training to your leg workouts.  I have seen many people (myself included) do the same exercises month after month and end up losing athleticism and mobility.  Not a good thing to have happen.

I would suggest that after 8-12 weeks of basic lifts like squats and leg presses you add in 4 weeks of MMA Leg Workouts or some type of athletic leg workouts.  The benefits of adding a MMA Leg Workout will be huge.

Another great thing about MMA Leg Workouts like this one is that you are focusing a lot on single leg exercises and balance.  This gets overlooked when we use mostly machines and bars for our training.  It’s always good to work on balance, stability, explosive power and athleticism, along with just lifting big weight and going for the pump.

Lastly most times when doing bodybuilding type workouts we generally focus on quads and hamstrings and neglect working the glutes and hips.  These muscles are big, they need work and they will improve your squatting weights and sports performance big time!

For example if you watch George St. Pierre he has really thick glutes and hip muscles, this improves his overall power and athleticism big time.  These muscles generally never get trained from leg presses and leg extensions which is why something like this MMA leg workout will help you in many other areas.

If you read some of the top strength coaches like Mike Boyle, Bret Contreas, Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson etc.  these coaches all recommend a lot of uni-lateral (single leg) exercises, and for good reason, they work!

You will notice a decrease in strength in doing some of these exercises, this is normal.  Don’t let your ego get the better of you.  Give it a try, open your mind to different types of training and you will reap the benefits.

So give this workout a try and give me some feedback!

If you liked this video I suggest you check out as I got a ton of my leg training info from this product and it is amazing!  Well worth adding to your Fitness Library!

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  • Mercer

    This looks wicked Rob, I’ve tried some of these exercises before, but not like this sequence….looking forward to leg day (that’s kinda a lie…legs are hard)

  • Rob King

    Awesome, its a great workout! it will hit the muscles that u dont get from squats and presses etc.

  • Paul

    Nice – saw this just in time for a leg workout. Really liked the split/Bulgarian squats. Thanks!

  • Rob King


    I got that from Jon Chaimberg. He has a great training DVD i highly recommend.

  • Tanya Coles

    Excellent tips. I’ve tried some of these leg workouts myself and you’ve also introducted a couple of new ones. I’ve also had a membership at 24 hour fitness. That is an awesome gym!!

  • Hey Rob,

    Really diggin this workout. The last year or so I’ve moved away from the traditional type of workouts and I really love this kind of stuff. My basic exercises like squats, deads went up a nice bit after starting this kind of training.

    Gonna try this workout tmrw.

  • Rob King

    Give it a try and give me some feedback! Thanks

  • Jon C

    That’s Right my DVD is Awesome!

  • Jamie

    Rob. Just finished this workout. I feel like I have been raped. lol. My ass hurts. It started with the rolling pin and I used a golf ball for the trigger points. I have used it before for my back, but never my ass…felt good after…sucked when I was using Great workout. I usally do a lot of squats, but just in the rack with a bit of weight. This was a great alternative.

  • Rob King

    haha Jamie that is awesome!!!!

    Glad to hear it man!

    here is the thing, when you can make LIGHTER WEIGHT HEAVY its a good thing. A lot of people dont’ comprehend that, but you cant always just lift heavy.

    Glad you liked it, it’s meant to be a good alternative workout!!

  • Interesting way of approaching it. I should be more open minded about stuff….