On The Road Workout – Warrior Built Style

On The Road Workout – Warrior Built Style

A couple of weeks ago Andy Pratt (Creator of Warrior Built) & I were in Orlando for a Fitness MasterMind Meeting.

The mastermind meetings on Friday and Saturday were awesome. And then Sunday we hit Universal Studios (The Terminator show in 3D was wild!! Check it out if you get the chance!)

We hit the gym the whole time there, but on Sunday (after a rough Saturday night lol) Andy conned me into trying his Warrior Built DVD workout in the hotel.Warrior Built DVD Series

I have been doing circuit based MMA training for a while now I said why not!  I have to say I found it fantastic and more challengin than expected.  I made it through the 5 – 5 Min Round challenge and loved it.  And it was the hell of a lot better than doing boring treadmill (which I did the 2 mornings before).

If you are looking for a challenging workout that wont take up much time & that you can do anywhere I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give it a try!  Here is the video clip Andy took.

For more info on this awesome MMA Based training program check out www.warriorbuilt.com

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  • Gillian Mandville

    That was a great video! I love how you both did it all in the hotel room. Really goes to show that you have no excuses when it comes to vacationing and skipping your work out.