10 Unique Exercises To Improve Bench DVD = FREE! (Part II)

10 Unique Exercises To Improve Bench DVD = FREE! (Part II)


If you like these videos and want to improve your bench & chest size my
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In case you missed it I am giving away FREE my 10 Unique Exercises To Build A Bigger Bench DVD videos.

Here they are!

Some unique exercises that give you a bigger bnech, stronger thicker chest, and also make lifting fun (Cuz doing the same ol shit gets boring after a while!)

Part I – Click Here

By the way I LOVE #6, try it!

Happy Benchin!

#6. Isometric Bar Press

#7. Partial Lock Outs

#8. California Press

#9. Bent Over Bar Row

#10. Vertical Row

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  • will

    california press video is not working.

  • Rob King

    OK ill try to fix..hence why im not a big youtube fan lol

  • Dave Lehman

    Awesome job as always Rob! Thanks again for the free videos, I’ll put them to good use! CHEERS!

  • Rob King

    Thanks Dave I appreciate it.

  • Octavio

    Awesome vids Rob! Will definitely give the isometric bar press a try!

  • Rob King

    Hey Octavio,

    Thanks, its a great exercise especially if you have any type of injury or movement pattern probems you may be recovering from.