Are You A HardGainer? My Interview with Joey Vallancourt

Are You A HardGainer? My Interview with Joey Vallancourt

I looked like this as a kid!


Bodybuilding & Fitness takes SERIOUS dedication.  If you are not in this sport you just don’t “Get it”.  The sacrifices, the time invested, the short term pain for a goal.  

If you have competed before you understand.  

My Buddy Joey took this to a whole new level.  

A few months ago Joey and I were in Vegas for one of our Fitness Meetings and he was dieting for his show at the time and only like a week out.  So here were Andy Pratt, Anthony  & I  and a few others at the The Aria with VIP bottle service partying like rock stars (I am glad I wasn’t paying that bill lol).  

Joey on the other hand didn’t deviate ONE BIT.  Dieting is hard, dieting on the road is even worse, but dieting on the Vegas Stip!!  Joey is a better man than me!  

Here is my interview with this rising Fitness Star.  

Joey my friend thanks for taking the time for this interview. Maybe you can give me a bit of background on you and your background.  

Joey, Bo-Bandy, Anthony & I trying to be cool in Las Vegas


No problem Rob, anytime.  

Well, I grew up in a small town in Quebec Canada and as a kid I was always involved in many different sports and very active in different activities.  

I was also one of the smallest guys on every team I played on generally because I was just naturally skinny because of my genetics and lack of knowledge in the human body developments department.  

However, when you play sports as a kid and even for the majority of my teenage years, they generally don’t require the players to possess big muscular physiques.
My skinny fast pace athletic body worked to my advantage as I was always the fastest kid on my team and speed was usually the quality factor that determined your success.  

In fact, I was the captain/leader of almost every team I played for and had a very good reputation for the many sports I played.  

But then, as I got older, the sports became more physically demanding and soon it was the guys who possessed bigger stronger bodies who were dominating the sports scene, which left me in the dark despite my speed and agility.  

I started to feel very helpless and frustrated as I could not duplicate the results I had seen in my previous years of competing.  

At the time, I was not informed in body transformations and packing on muscle. My surroundings and resources were not aware of muscle development strategies which led me to believe that it was just not possible. You are who you are and that was it! Which I now know is a big load of B.S.  

But at that time, I didn’t know any different and after two years of playing sports at those new levels and feeling low, helpless and intimidated, I actually quit playing sports and gave up my life’s passion.  

It was a hard time in my life and I remember going through some dark times after that and not really knowing who I was because for all those years, sports was what defined me as a person.  

As hard as that was, it didn’t compare to when I started college. I went into college looking like a half scared 12 year old and still generally the same size I was when I was in high school. I began noticing all these other guys who were just jacked and ripper and obviously getting the attention from the girls I just wasn’t getting. Haha.  

I had enough by this point…so I decided to make a change…to set a goal of finding out once and for all if I could change my body and gain muscle.  

I started to research obsessively, collected articles, pieces of information, bookmarked websites and sought out to pick the brains of some of the top fitness experts out there. I am very Obsessive Compulsive, so needless to say, I found out what I needed to know in a very little amount of time J  

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After the first year since starting out on this new quest, I accomplished my goal! I had completely transformed my body…you should have seen my student ID card collection…I looked SOOOO different from the first to second year photo, my girlfriend cant believe it! She said she wouldn’t have dated me the first year as I looked like a ‘boy’ haha.  

But the second year, I had an entire new body and I was hooked! And being obsessive compulsive, I continued to learn. After getting my exhaustive list of questions answered, and then stumping the fitness experts, I decided I needed to know more so I went ahead and studied to get certified as a NSCA trainer and the other credentials required to help others with their own transformations.  

Of course I continued to experiment with different secret strategies to build muscle faster with testing on myself and clients and I gathered the results and continued meticulously to formulate a fool proof plan to build muscle fast and naturally…by the way, I have always been a drug free natural athlete.  

A lot has changed since I discovered the truth and built my body up and I am not simply talking about the effects it had with the girls. Lol! Seriously though, it is important to understand that transforming your body can lead to transformations in other areas of your life such as more confidence, more self-esteem and self-esteem. This can lead you to take on bigger goals and strive to succeed in other areas as well.  

That is why I am so passionate about helping others reach their goals and feel that same feeling I first felt after transforming my own body. I didn’t feel helpless anymore and now I want to teach ‘skinny’ guys that you CAN put on muscle. Don’t listen to the mainstream or people who say you can’t because they are lying to you.  

I want to instill that same confidence level and new life perspective into others as I discovered for myself.  

Recently you competed in a competition (Poor Joey was dieting while we were partying in Vegas ahaha). Can you tell us what competition that was and how you did?  

Yeah man, Vegas was awesome regardless of not being able to party it up all night with you guys. I think one of the highlights of that trip was training at Wanderlei Silva’s gym (compliments of you…Thanks!). My partying consisted of one glass of wine, water, water and let’s see now…MORE water. Haha.  

It was hard to peel myself away from the club that night but in the end it was all worth it (even having missed out on the all you can eat buffets!)  

But yeah, anyone that knows me knows that I am constantly setting my sights higher and higher. After setting and reaching a goal, I immediately set a new one and start working away at reaching that goal. So naturally, after building my body and being satisfied with my results, I decided that I wanted to take it to the next level and enter a competition.  

I decided to do a fitness model competition as that is the body type I most want to resemble. Nothing against bodybuilders, but I prefer a little less size and more definition and the more ‘natural’ look (so does my girlfriend and she has a big say in it J).  

When you commit to something you automatically create an accountability factor that makes you work that much HARDER no matter what you are doing to ensure you follow through with it and achieve it.  

I entered the 2010 FAME Centrals Fitness Model Championships which was in April.  

Since it was the first competition, I didn’t know what to expect exactly or what the judges looked for so I decided that I was just going to get absolutely shredded just to be safe! And I did…I reached an all time low of 3.1% body fat!  

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It was not the most pleasant experience sitting at that low of body fat for the last week before competition and I don’t know if I would go that low again, but regardless, I did it.  

The morning of the show I got a tan from some company on site at the competition. I was under the impression everyone was getting this done so I did too…but it was the worse tan ever and it leaked and ran all day. I was already fairly dark from getting spray tanned in my hometown locally, but I was told I need to be super dark, so I decided to get sprayed again that morning by a different company. BIG mistake.  

But despite the bad tan, and slightly freakish appearance (color wise), I placed 1st overall and won the FAME Championships. I talked to the judges and they said that I blew away the competition, but that I needed to work on my tan. Haha.  

Let me tell you though, after months of dieting, sitting at 3% body fat, starving the day of the show and making many sacrifices, it definitely felt good to win the championships, and it felt good to eat an extra large pizza, chicken tenders, cheesecake and fries after the show as a cheat meal!!  

Your level of leanness is crazy!! Tell us what it took you to get to that low bodyfat. Any tips or tricks or was it all just pure discipline?  

Lol. Thanks Rob, I appreciate that J First let me point out that I am NOT always that lean…and like I said before, when I compete next, I will probably enter at about 5-6% instead of 3%.  

Every competitor knows that there is an off season in which you are not as strict and you go up a bit in body fat which is ok, but when I want to get super ripped, I typically hit everything that much harder.  

Workouts stay the same, I just might increase the intensity slightly, but I am a firm believer that the workouts that built the muscle are the workouts that will keep the muscle as well while dieting.  

For diet, I have tried many, but for me I personally enjoy a plain caveman diet full of non-processed foods and tons of veggies.  

I do perform cardio to get lean and this is typically the biggest factor I have control over besides my diet. When I plateau in my fat loss, I typically start to incorporate early AM empty stomach cardio sessions that are only fueled by glutamine, bcaa and 5 grams of protein powder just to protect against muscle breakdown and of course a double espresso for the CNS stimulation and fat burning effects that come with it.  

I also incorporated carb cycling methods to drop from 6-3% over the final 4-5 weeks. Basically its just 40% less carbs from my baseline intake for 3 days, then one day of a 10% increase over baseline for one and repeat.  

But in the end, almost every different method will work as like I said, I tried a lot of different leaning down methods. The biggest factor is will power and discipline. The plan is only as good as you make it to be. You need to commit, follow and dedicate yourself to it to see the results.  

What is in store for you for the future Joey? Any more competitions or new products in the works?  

Oh man there is SOOO MUCH going on right now J I have set new goals for the coming year including the following:  

· Finish getting my PRO Fitness Model Card
· Get featured in a top muscle magazine cover
· Develop more in depth products based on my clients requirements and based on the new techniques I develop
· Continue to inspire others to take action in their life
· Continue to Build the Bones To Buff community for all the hardgainer’s out there
I am also working on a new secret product with a good friend that I cannot say too much about, but it is going to be a killer advanced video workout product.  

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Since the competition I have been getting requests for modeling jobs and was featured on the front page of my local newspaper, in an ad for the spay tan company and I just did another photo shoot last weekend for a new hard copy book about competition posing that is going to be coming out very soon.  

For competitions, I will decide that next year, but I will more than likely defend my title and perhaps aim for a bigger competition as well.  

Products….I have been hammering away at a very special never-been done before version of Bones To Buff Advanced!  

It’s due out in about a month or so. It involves a new calorie cycling technique called Advanced Metabolic Acceleration and it is specific to building muscle and it is receiving great feedback and results. Only recently did I start to experiment with carb. Cycles for muscle gain instead of just fat loss and the plan I came up is giving me my best results ever.  

The theory is a little more complex, but the good news is I always include done for you meal plans that people can use immediately.  

Its not out yet, but anyone who gets Bones To Buff now will also get the new version when it is released for no additional cost. I haven’t slept more than 4 hours a night since embarking on completing this product J Its going to be killer.  

Alright since I got you on the spot I need you to hook my readers a DEAL! So come on…what can you do me for me and my readers? Hook a brother up 🙂  

Lol. Alright Rob, since you asked so nicely…and because you treated me to a gym pass back in Vegas, I will hook you up with a special deal for your readers only.  

I want to first give your readers a free report I just finished writing about busting any plateau. This is hot off the presses and depending on when your readers see this interview, it may not even be available on the net!  

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And I am feeling generous today…I will also throw in the 5 Week Rambo Workout supplementary exercise manual. This is a back specialization workout that can be interchanged with the Original Bones TO Buff 5 Week workout plan. This is not even available for purchase anymore as it was just a bonus I threw in one time and I only include in on occasion.  

Just get them to email me a copy of the receipt and I will send the extra bonus.  

Just make sure they check out the discounted link and not the original link or else they won’t have access to the lower price.  

Thanks for the interview Rob. It’s always a pleasure and next time I am down near your way, we will have to get together for some hardcore training sessions!  

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