The Death Of Bulking & The Anabolic Amplifier Effect

The Death Of Bulking & The Anabolic Amplifier Effect

I just wanted to give you these 2 free reports from my buddies Lee Hayward & Vince Delmonte.

These reports are FREE and they are SOLID QUALITY so I suggest you grab and read ASAP.  It REALLY gives in great detail something I have been promoting for YEARS when it comes to bodybuilding shows.

The POST CONTEST REBOUND for getting CRAZY MUSCLE GAINS!  Ask anyone who has competed, the 2 weeks after a show you will build more muscle than the last 6 months easy!

Anyways grab em while you can as they are coming down Jan 13th FOR GOOD!

Download —>  “The Death Of Bulking

Download —–> “The Anabolic Amplifier

These are being taken offline FOR GOOD Jan 13th so grab them ASAP!


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  • T

    Lee Hayward & Vince Delmonte need to tone it down a few.
    Anymore flexing and together time and they should just get it over and kiss.
    But a great article none the less.

  • Rob King


    Lee & Vince kissing is not a visual i needed! Funny nonetheless lol

  • It’s all in fun… What happens in vegas stays in vegas…
    Then gets shared all over the Internet LOL

  • wow ! That was awesome.i will finish the 21 day program and i will shock u guys harhar!!

  • Rob King

    Keep me posted Bernard!