Training Update Oct 2011

Training Update Oct 2011

So the last few weeks my blog quality hasn’t been up to par and I feel bad for that.

However it has been for good reason.  I have been insanely busy opening my new business “Heavyweights Fitness‘ which is a combination of my gym Heavyweights Training Center & my sports nutrition store Heavyweights Supplements.

More on this next week.

So aside from opening a whole new business, setting up the facility I have also been training my clients non stop.  With well over 100 clients I do my absolute best to train & teach them and help them attain their goals.  I am lucky to have great staff and the right people surrounding me.

One thing I have been doing as well is BUSTING MY BUTT training wise.  I decieded the last 6 weeks to really focus in on my own training and give it 100%.  I have some injuries that aren’t fun to deal with, and on top of an insane work load I said FU#K IT, time to focus on my training and see what I got left “In the basement” (Rocky Fans will get this).

Well here is an update of my training.

Today I hit my goal weight of 179 lbs (I am 5 7″), I have a photo shoot tomorrow with my head trainer Gill Whelan (you can check her blog at

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So we have both been focused big time on reaching our goals, training our clients, and getting in THE BEST SHAPE possible.

I have hardly done any “BodyBuilding” workouts.  It has all been my Rippedin42 classes, circuits, interval training and some heavy lifting thrown in the mix.

Here are a few videos of me hitting some personal bests.

90 lb neutral grip pull ups

Me hitting a personal best on box jumps

And some glute ham raises for good measure 🙂


Oh lastly I got a nice big tattoo as a reward. It was my goal to be at MY BEST Shape for Oct 29th and to give my business everything I could. I said that “IF” I reached my goal I would reward myself a tattoo I have wanted for a long time.

Goal Accomplished, time for my reward 🙂

Remember, you ONLY LIVE ONCE! 

Make the best of the life you were given, there are NO excuses, and live like there is NO Tomorrow.

Memento Mori – Remember Your Mortality

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  • Bonnie Abbott

    Rob, I have followed your updates and appreciate your dedication to becoming all you can be. Through HW, I too will reach my weight loss goal and I have a couple little guns to boot. I’m so proud to call you my trainer, a man who walks the talk.

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